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Versatile Teacher

  • Teacher
  • Midwest

Arma Dei Academy

341 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126

Position Description

Versatile Teacher Functions
● Assists and supports Arma Dei Academy faculty K-9 in classroom instruction
● Provides classroom instruction in a variety of classrooms across a variety of subjects and grade levels
● Tutors and provides in-class and pull-out support for struggling students when needed
● Works alongside classroom teachers to provide support, including but not limited to grading and project planning and assistance
● Substitute teaches when necessary
● Completes additional assigned duties, including lunch, recess, and study hall supervision
● Trains students in character, manners and respect, organization, and management and care of property
● Fully embraces, trains, implements, and enforces the published behavioral expectations inside and
outside of the classroom at all times
● Collaborates with Grade Level faculty when handling student struggles and concerns regarding discipline
● Substitutes for teacher(s) on maternity leave when necessary

Additional Duties
● Completes additional assigned duties, including but not limited to carline and homeroom supervision
● Attends required faculty meetings and in-service training
● Contributes to all-school evening events such as Back-to-School Night, Recitation Night
● Works closely with Principal on professional development plan

● Spiritually vibrant Christian displaying Christ-centered servant leadership that integrates faith and work
in a spirit of humility
● Demonstrates self-awareness, thirst for learning, and openness for professional growth
● Skilled in applying and integrating a biblical worldview across all subjects
● Demonstrates a thorough grasp and commitment to Arma Dei Academy mission and vision
● Loves the subject matter, students, and the toil of the day
● Dependable, teachable spirit
● Cooperative team-player
● Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills
● Contributes to a culture of respect and collaboration among colleagues

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