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Head of School

Evergreen Classical School

The Woodlands, Texas 77382

Position Description

Evergreen Classical School is a Christian, Classical, and Collaborative school located in The Woodlands, TX.  Our goal is to partner with families to Biblically and Classically train each of our students to recognize, desire, and proclaim the Triune God of the Bible through that which is True, Good, and Beautiful.  We are in our second year of operation (previously we served our community in a cooperative capacity). We currently serve grades Kindergarten-Fifth with plans to add an additional grade each year through a collaborative model.  Additionally, we have 12 staff members, and roughly 75 students.

As the Lord continues to grow our beautiful community, so has our need and desire for a Head of School.  ECS is actively searching for a candidate who brings to the table the lens of education through gospel wisdom, knowledge of the classical methodology, as well as the ability to lead, manage, and operate the daily rhythms of our school model.



The Head of School leads Evergreen Classical School by inspiring and overseeing the academic community, casting and developing the mission and vision of the school, managing the business of the school and overseeing its development.


Develops, refines and propagates the vision of the school to and with the Board of Directors, the administration, faculty, parents and students of the school by reading, reviewing and pondering pertinent historical and current visions and models of academic, community and cultural excellence resulting in a school full of truth, beauty and goodness.
Oversees the implementation of the long term strategic planning of the school by advising the School Board in these matters, reminding the School Board of the school’s goals and commitments resulting in the incarnation of the vision of the school.
Recruits teachers by developing a plan to attract great teachers (in conjunction with the Staffing Committee) and by executing that plan resulting in excellent faculty being set in place for ECS.
Oversees the assignment, evaluation, training, encouragement, discipline and inspiration of the teaching staff by leading and developing an academic community resulting in an excellent faculty which is consistently growing and improving over time.
Ensures student needs are met by working with faculty to determine students’ needs and by making sure that policies are in place to meet those needs resulting in a positive experience of learning for students.
Oversees student discipline by working with the faculty, co-teachers, and by building relationships with students resulting in students living godly lives.
Monitors cultural trends in the school—correcting negative trends and inspiring positive cultural growth—by consistently being involved in the life of the school as an observer and participant resulting in a godly culture at ECS.
Oversees curriculum choices and development by working with the Academic Committee and the faculty of the school to foresee needed curriculum, improve or replace deficient curriculum resulting in the use of the best curriculum available by ECS.
Discovers best practices in broader academic community and implements them at ECS by interacting with other educational leaders and communities resulting in constantly improving practices at ECS.
Direct the daily operation of ECS by supervising the staff (Campus Director, teachers, Administrative Assistants, Teacher’s Aids, supportive staff, and volunteer staff and committees), by coordination of activities by creation of clear lines of authority and by setting the tone for a quality Christian educational program resulting in a school that runs smoothly.
Builds relationships with like-minded local institutions to benefit the school—particularly the churches in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, other Christian schools, and other local non-profit service organizations by interacting with, cooperating with and supporting these institutions resulting in a network of helpfulness among like-minded local institutions.
Maintains accurate personnel records by overseeing procedures and practices resulting in consistent and meaningful records being kept.
Creates, revises and monitors the standards and policies of ECS by consistently interacting with the staff, faculty, parents and students of the school resulting in the implementation and alteration of policies and practices of the school.
Oversees the creation of the yearly budget by working with the School Board, the Finance Committee and the bookkeeper to draft and revise the budget in the spring resulting in a school that operates within its means.
Oversees the ECS financial accounting by inspecting the reports of the bookkeeper through the Admin Assistant, resulting in proper, timely and accurate financial accounting being made to the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee.
Oversees student recruitment by serving on the ad hoc marketing committee and by meeting with and attracting godly families to register their children at ECS resulting in the growth of our student population.
Spends time in the Word of God and prayer daily.  Taking their relationship with the Triune God of the Bible seriously and joyfully serving Him in their word for the Lord. Leading their family well in fear and admonition of the Lord.
Serves as an ex-officio member of the School Board.
Other responsibilities as required by the School Board.


This position requires a bachelor’s degree (preferably with some emphasis in Education), but a graduate degree in Education is preferable.
This position requires a broad knowledge of education and management.
The Head of School must also be conversant with and supportive of the evangelical and classical Christian education, as well as the Collaborative Model.
The Head of School should work to constantly expand their abilities by gaining further training in areas of weakness.


The Head of School directly supervises the Campus Director, teachers, Administrative Assistants, Teacher’s Aids, supportive staff, and volunteer staff.


The Head of School is on call for the emergencies of the school generally. He/she will be involved in the most important and most stressful issues and circumstances at the school.  He/she must work well and communicate effectively with people in difficult circumstances and must work diligently day to day without much direct supervision.


This position is a full-time position that works 12 months a year.  The Head of School will work from his/her office during the academic year and will hold normal office hours during the summer.


The Head of School will be evaluated annually by the School Board. A new Head of School will have a 60 day evaluation during the first semester of his/her tenure.


Evergreen is a community of like minded families and staff, who fervently desire to see God in Scripture and in the world He created. Our hope and prayer is that our students seek, discover and ultimately, fulfill God’s calling in their lives. The synthesis of one’s spiritual discipleship and education drives us. To that end, our vision is to equip parents and students to joyfully embrace intellectual excellence to the glory of God.

Highly competitive compensation with benefits.


Please submit resume and 3 references to [email protected]

Evergreen Classical School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin in the administration of its hiring policies, educational policies, admissions policies, or other programs.

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