The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education — 10-pack



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The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education by Kevin Clark and Ravi Scott Jain

ACCS Edition with Practical Application

Hardcover | Forward by Peter Kreeft

Originally published in 2014, this new edition includes practical resources and guides for applying classical Christian education, with David Goodwin, president of the ACCS and former headmaster of an ACCS school.

Give this book to anyone interested in classical Christian education, whether staff members or educators at your school, parents or grandparents, or friends and family. Or buy a copy for yourself, and learn more about the truth, goodness, and beauty we can bring to our children and our world through this time-honored form of education.

The nations of the world need nothing less than an educational revolution, a global movement deeply committed to providing the world with access to the kind of quality education outlined in this book. I highly recommend it.

~ Dr. Steve Childers, President & CEO of Pathway Learning; former professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

I can think of no book that sums up the essence of classical Christian education better. Clark and Jain masterfully weave together the liberal arts tradition as it forms culture in our children. Never before has this paideia activity been more important for Christians to understand.

~ David Goodwin, President, Association of Classical Christian Schools

An excerpt from The Liberal Arts Tradition on transferring culture to the next generation:

“For the Greeks, paideia [often translated education] meant something more like enculturation. To undergo paideia then is to be initiated into the culture of the city-state, or as Paul used it in Ephesians, to raise children up in the paideia of the Lord. Those who seek to renew the Christian classical educational tradition must keep this full-orbed understanding of education in mind, understanding that transmitting culture is a central aspect of the educational task. In order to pass on a culture there must be something of substance to transmit. Thus, a Christian classical school will not thrive without developing and embodying a proper school culture… As suggested earlier, piety [proper love of God and man] is at the center of our entire endeavor.”

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