Classis: The Journal of Classical Christian Education

Published three times per year, Classis is a journal promoting a new “old way” and is designed to edify, support, and encourage educators around the world who seek to recover classical Christian education in the twilight of the West.

This publication is mailed to all member schools, and current and back issues are available and searchable online by our members on the Member Resource Center (MRC).

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Student Contributions

We want to showcase excellent student work. As you know, ACCS has published Classis as a publication aimed at teachers and administrators in the world of classical Christian learning. We’re excited about some new features! We’ve updated some design elements, increased circulation, and added some new areas of content, one of which is a section called “Commonplace” where we showcase excellent student work. Part of the aim of our journal is also to “show” and not just “tell.” Sharing excellent examples of upper level student work is one way we can highlight the good classical pedagogy in our schools. Please submit essays, speeches, or even short-form creative writing.


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