State Recognition of Accreditation

ACCS Accreditation operates in all 50 states, but only a few states allow or require private recognition of accreditors. ACCS accreditation is specifically recognized in states that have private entities for private school accreditation, including the following: Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.



If your state is not listed here, it probably means that your state does not directly recognize private accreditors. We accredit schools in nearly every state. As we work toward increased recognition for ACCS accreditation, we must protect our school’s independence to avoid subjecting schools to state graduation requirements, teacher certification standards, and increasingly, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” standards.

ACCS accreditation is permitted in all states in which we operate.  However, the following state-dependent limitations may be a relevant consideration for parents in a few states:

  • Transferring students from ACCS schools into public K-12 schools may be more difficult in some cases.
  • Sports leagues and extra-curriculars may be more limited for ACCS accredited schools.
  • College scholarships which require a state-certified diploma may be impacted.  College admission is generally not affected, but may be in rare cases.  Several colleges offer exclusive ACCS scholarships and many others specifically seek ACCS graduates.

Why is independence so important?  We encourage you to read our statement on independent accreditation.