A Caution for Parents on College Choice and Critical Race Theory

Scholarships for ACCS Graduates

New Saint Andrews ACCS Alumni and ACCS Educators Scholarships

Available to graduates of ACCS member schools, and children of ACCS member school teachers, respectively. SEE MORE >

Sattler College ACCS Scholarship

Members of the ACCS can apply for the Classical Scholarship. SEE MORE >

Gutenberg College ACCS Scholars Grant

A 4-year renewable $2,000 grant for graduates of ACCS-accredited schools. SEE MORE >

Arizona Christian University ACCS Scholarship

A renewable scholarship for graduates of ACCS member schools. SEE MORE >

Recommended Scholarships

These colleges have recommended that ACCS graduates apply for the following scholarships:

Patrick Henry College “Pursuit of Excellence” Scholarship

Providence Christian College ACCS Scholarship

Providence Christian College Witherspoon Scholarship

LeTourneau University Liberal Arts Guild Scholarship

ACCS graduates may receive a $1,000 scholarship every year. Contact [email protected] to apply or for more information. Can be combined with the $1,000 scholarship given to members of the Honors College (requires a separate application).


New College Franklin Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)

New Saint Andrews College Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)

New College Franklin
Franklin, TN

New Saint Andrews College
Moscow, ID

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