Universal Latin Exam (ULE)

From the ACCS Institute for Classical Languages (ICL)

To help schools provide the best classical Christian education through Latin and Greek.


Sign up now for the Universal Latin Exam (ULE), a nationwide Latin exam and contest for grades 3rd – 12th Grade.

The ULE is a contest to honor student achievement, a tool to measure their performance nationally, and a record that provides a way to see student progress over the course of your Latin program.

Sign up is easy. The only information we need is a list of participating classes and the number of students in each class. Later in the year, a head Latin teacher will receive an invitation to customize exams for each class, so students are only tested on the material they have studied.

How does it work?

1. The administrator purchases exams for participating classes or groups.
2. A head Latin teacher customizes the content for each exam, so students are only tested on material they have studied.
3. Teachers download custom study guides which include all the concepts and vocabulary for their exams.
4. Schools receive exam PDFs 7 days before test day, administer paper exams within a 2-week window in the spring, and return them in the mail to
5. Schools receive awards in time for end-of-the-year assemblies as well as results to help them understand their students’ performance.

Important Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year

Registration Opens…September 1st
Customization Begins…January 1st
Registration Closes…February 28th
Customization Ends…March 17th
Payment Deadline…March 20th
Exam Period…March 27th-April 7th
Postmark Exam Return…April 7th
Results Returned…May 11th

Benefits for Schools

Latin is hard work for students, and many don’t understand the benefits. Honors and medals for your high-achievers at an end-of-the-year assembly reward hard work and show parents what their children are accomplishing.

The results from this exam provide valuable data on individual performance. Since this exam only tests what students have covered, it easily reveals how much of the class is tracking with the material being taught.

The ULE uniquely shows progress from one grade to the next. This allows administrators to ensure that students are not stagnating at some point in a years-long Latin program.

Benefits for Teachers

Every class has students who study harder, listen more attentively, and develop a real love for the material you have taught them. The ULE honors these students with national-level awards and sets them up as examples for the other students.

The ULE uses questions that can only be answered correctly by knowing how to use Latin grammatical forms. This means diligent students who have faithfully learned the material you taught in your class consistently score higher.

The ULE has a customization process that makes it uniquely independent of which curriculum or vocabulary set you use at your school. Whatever you have taught is what your students will see on their exams.

Benefits for Students

Students get a goal to work toward every year with tangible results. A high-quality medal with a Latin inscription is something that students of all ages understand and want hanging in their rooms.

In addition, national-level honors in a subject like Latin are a powerful addition to applications being considered by colleges and employers.

Contact Information

Universal Latin Exam
Institute for Classical Languages
Association of Classical Christian Schools
PO Box 9741
Moscow, ID 83843
Questions? Email: [email protected]
Website: InstituteForClassicalLanguages.org

Universal Latin Exam (ULE)
A grammar and syntax exam for all ages