ACCS Initiatives

Lead with Strategic Investments

The ACCS is leading the growth of classical Christian education (CCE) through targeted initiatives. We believe that classical Christian education can serve the church as it restores a Christian Paideia (and Christian worldview) in our children and our communities.


Advocate for classical Christian education

In times like these, we need to be vigilant in protecting the independence of our schools and actively promoting their value.  We work with states and in Washington DC, as well as in concert with partners like Alliance Defending Freedom to advocate for ACCS member independence.


Lead with strategic investments

The ACCS is leading the growth of Classical Christian education by providing extensive tools for leadership and school excellence, as well as specific efforts including the ACCS Initiative, help for startups, college partnerships, the School Finder, conference and training events, parent education, Classis and The Classical Difference publications, the Back Room community, alumni groups, and publicity and advocacy throughout the country.


Provide membership

Our membership is exclusive, which means all member schools must meet our requirements and be truly classical Christian. If you’re an ACCS member, parents, colleges, and donors have an easy way to know what you do. Not only that, but membership comes with helpful resources and a national community.

Learn more about membership, including requirements, costs, and a full list of benefits.


Represent and promote member schools

Through publicity and public relations work, we draw over 35,000 visitors to our school placement site each year.

Visit the ACCS School Finder


Enhance diploma recognition

What does a high school diploma mean? From an ACCS school it can mean quite a bit to both parents and colleges. The ACCS helps parents and colleges see the value in students’ diplomas.


Train & help develop schools

The ACCS sponsors the annual Repairing the Ruins conference, the largest gathering of classical Christian educators nationally.  We also endorse and promote various teacher training programs, leadership resources, and tools and materials to inform and engage with parents.


Research and find information

We help schools promote themselves and make good decisions by providing members with data to help set salaries, choose curriculum, and demonstrate the success of CCE.  Members can access this information through the Member Resource Center (MRC).

View the Good Soil Study of Classical Alumni


Accredit classical Christian schools

We provide an independent accreditation for classical Christian schools.  We have been careful not to become entangled with regional accreditors like Cognia, New England, The Western States (California), or other state organizations that are linked, directly or indirectly, to federal or state educational mandates.  This allows our schools to remain truly distinctive.  In addition, we offer an accreditation process that measures the implementation of the classical model.  To find a list of accredited ACCS schools, visit our school finder.


Accredited Schools

We are members of the following private accreditation organizations:

And, we are recognized in the state of Tennessee as a class II Accreditor.



We publish The Classical Difference for parents and Classis for educators.  The Classical Difference distributes over 20,000 copies to parents and friends of classical Christian education.  If you are interested in advertising in The Classical Difference, please click here.  Classis is only for members.  If you wish to advertise in Classis, contact us.


Support staffing and recruitment

We help recruit, advertise, and advance the training of classical Christian teachers and administrators in various ways, including:

  • Job Board: Member schools post their job openings here, where they can be viewed and answered by anyone
  • Resume Exchange: Anyone can submit a CV on our resume exchange, where they provide much more detailed information than a typical online resume. These are available for our members to search and browse in the Member Resource Center
  • “Forum”: Our monthly newsletter, where all the most recent CVs are viewable at-a-glance

View the current openings of our member schools.


Certify teachers

Through our accredited member schools, we have a formalized system of classical Christian teacher certification at the practitioner and master teacher level.  These certifications are authorized by our member accredited schools and bestowed by the ACCS.  Teachers must teach at an accredited ACCS school to obtain this certification, but it follows the teacher after that point.


Sponsor contests and events

girl chess Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS)

The ACCS sponsors three major competitions for member schools: The Blakey Prize for Fine Arts, The Chrysostom Oratory Contest, and the ACCS National Honor Choir.

Each year, the ACCS annual Repairing the Ruins conference brings together the largest gathering of classical Christian educators in the nation. It sponsors targeted teacher training, networking events, keynote speakers, inspirational workshops, Leaders Day, and more.


Facilitate sharing tools

We manage a repository of forms, documents, recordings, and references to help member schools grow efficiently, using the best practices from around our movement.  Members can access this information through the Member Resource Center (MRC).

We also help schools promote themselves and make good decisions by providing members with data to help set salaries, choose curriculum, and demonstrate the success of CCE. Members can access this information through the Member Resource Center (MeRC).

Our popular member Forums on the MRC provide a way to talk at any time with others in the ACCS, and the member directory facilitates finding, helping, and encouraging one another.

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