Mentoring and Equipping School Leaders

Doctorum: Classical Christian Leadership Training

“Doctorum” is a groundbreaking, year-long course offered through the new ACCS Institute of Classical Christian Leadership. This course can provide the pathway to a valuable Administrator Certification and is specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of classical Christian educators, whether prospective, new, or existing.

The program is designed for the Head of School to systematically work through the life cycle of a school year with fellow ACCS leaders. Find out more.

School Builder Course

Dates & Overview

We offer different dates to enter this 12-month program so you can select an entry point that works best for you. The cost is $2400 for the full year.

  • Registration Deadline: July 1, 2024
  • Dates for Group Meetings:
    July 9
    August 13
    September 10
    October 8
    November 12
    December 10
    January 14 (2025)
    February 11
    March 11
    April 15
    May 13
    June 10
  • Session Times:
    3:00pm or 8:00pm EST

School Builder Course

Details & Monthly Topics

The Course Includes:

— 13 modules, each including short videos introducing each module topic

— Online cohort meetings with your mentor and other participants

— Monthly one-on-one coaching calls

— A set of exclusive tools for you to work through

— A curated set of documents, templates, websites, videos, and audio files

Monthly Topics:

1. Assessing and Aligning Your Leadership Team

2. Starting the Year Well with the School’s Four Stakeholders

3. Structuring the Board for Sustainable Success

4. Synchronizing the Financial Levers

5. Keeping Classrooms Full

6. Interviewing, Training, and Evaluating Faculty

7. Practicing Institutional Intelligence

8. Strengthening Student Culture

9. Funding the Vision and Improving the Campus

10. Improving the Student Experience

11. Creating and Completing a Strategic Plan

12. Clarifying the What, Why, and How of Classical Christian Education


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