Glossary of Terms

Classical Christian Education’s Distinctive Elements

Classical Christian Education (CCE): CCE is education as it was practiced prior to the progressive movement early in the 20th century, which focused on job training.  Instead, CCE sharpens students’ reasoning, language, and rhetorical skills with a Christian vision for all truth and knowledge.  Classical education was created by the Greeks to train citizens to self-govern and live in freedom.  Later, it was Christianized to become “Classical Christian.”  In the medieval era, “scholastics” refined the form into what inspires classical Christian education today.  Rather than emphasizing “subjects”, it emphasizes seven “liberal arts”, which liberate the mind to be less subject to controlling influences.  The goal is to cultivate wisdom in light of Christ’s creation and kingdom.  To understand how CCE prepares students for college, visit our measure it page.


A Greek word for an ancient idea, Paideia means both education and the culture that education produced…

Great Books

Great books and art have stood the test of time and communicate truth, goodness, and beauty in a substantial way….

Great Ideas

Great ideas are the recurring themes that appear throughout writing and literature as each new author responds…

Socratic Discussion

In the Socratic method, also known by the Greek “elenchus,” students discuss a question under the guidance of a teacher…

Liberal Arts

The seven liberal arts are skills that people need to learn for themselves, direct themselves, and lead others well….

Fine Arts

The fine arts produce beautiful artistic works including painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, theater, and music.

Integrating Subjects

Dividing walls between subjects are not healthy for the mind or soul, because all truth belongs to God, whether…


The three arts of language: grammar, logic (dialectic), and rhetoric. They are tools for thinking and learning needed to benefit …


The four arts of mathematics or number: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.