Read About Classical Christian Education

Are you a parent who’s considering classical Christian education? Or maybe you’re a teacher who has been doing this for years? Either way, the handpicked books and guides below will provide you with a wholistic and thorough picture. They are organised into levels based on understandability and importance. Find the book you need based on our descriptions, or read through the whole list.

Lost Tools of Learning

Dorothy Sayers

A foundational essay on the Trivium. Read here!

Discover Booklets

The Ambrose Group

A magazine-sized description and defense of CCE

Introduction to Classical Christian Education

Dr. Christopher Perrin

A quick read with all you need to know

The Liberal Arts Tradition

Kevin Clark & Ravi Jain

Based in the history, this is a must-read

Norms and Nobility

David Hicks

How education shapes a person. Wondering what Paideia means?

Case for Classical Christian Education

Douglas Wilson

A good follow up to Sayer’s essay

The Abolition of Man

C.S. Lewis

Lewis advocated for CCE decades before the modern CCE movement.

Rallying the Really Human Things

Vigen Guroian

“Moral Imagination” and what it has to do with education

Classical Education

Gene Veith, Jr. & Andrew Kern

Take a look at CCE as it takes various forms in different situations

The Great Tradition

Richard Gamble

“Classic Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being”

Paideia, The Ideals of Greek Culture

Werner Jaeger

An in-depth study on the Greek idea of Paideia

The Marriage of Philology and Mercury

Martianus Capella

An allegorical story about the seven liberal arts from the early middle ages

On Christian Doctrine


What should a really Christian education look like?

Institutes of Oratory


His curriculum to train a student in thinking, rhetoric, and speech

The Didascalicon

Hugh of St. Victor

An educational treatise from the late middle ages