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We are dedicated to the expansion, growth, and quality of classical Christian education.

The classical Christian system nurtured Christian children for nearly 2000 years. And then, we forgot about it. In this short 17-minute documentary, learn why classical Christian education has seen the fastest, most consistent growth of any private school movement in the U.S.

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Each year, over 1000 educators and parents join us for the Repairing the Ruins conference on classical Christian education. We also sponsor training throughout the year and we offer many resources and talks free to the public.

Repairing the Ruins 2020

 Dedicated to the restoration of classical Christian education for God’s people.

 June 16-19, 2020, Louisville, KY

 Galt House Hotel

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Once you discover classical Christian education, you might want to get involved. We see high demand for those who can bring classical methods to the classroom and in administration, no public teaching certificate required.