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Upper School Math and Science Teacher

Paideia Classical Christian School

7834 N 56th St, Tampa, Florida 33617-8133

Position Description

Paideia Classical Christian School, located in beautiful Tampa, Florida, is seeking to hire a Full-Time Upper School Math and Science Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year, and beyond. Our ideal candidate will have previous teaching experience in a classical Christian school, a passion for the disciplines of math and science, and an aptitude for facilitating thoughtful discussions as well as hands-on labs.

Paideia is a vibrant community of faith and learning where students love to learn and faculty are nurtured spiritually and developed professionally. We are committed to excellence in every endeavor and count it a tremendous privilege to work alongside parents to help students learn, grow, and flourish.

Our faculty are deeply invested in the lives of our students and work shoulder to shoulder with families to nurture the seeds of wisdom, virtue, and faith so each student might bear fruit long after they graduate.

At Paideia, we are committed to attracting and retaining gifted teachers who possess a vibrant faith in Christ and a desire to educate students to love both the Lord and learning so that they thrive as passionate disciples of Christ, exceptional scholars, and virtuous citizens.


The primary responsibilities of a teacher at Paideia Classical Christian School are to love students, love learning, and serve parents. When faithfully carried out, the teacher equips students with the tools of learning and cultivates humility and gratitude toward God. This individual should exemplify a lifestyle that brings honor and glory to God through Jesus Christ and demonstrate a commitment to the mission and vision statement of Paideia.

The list below gives a general, though not comprehensive, description of the basic tasks a teacher normally will be required to perform and will be evaluated upon. The teacher will comply with all applicable school policies and guidelines, including those addressed in the Faculty Handbook. This job description is to be used in cooperation with the specific blueprint and educational strategies/goals determined for each grade level and in close conjunction with the 2+2 Self-Evaluation and Formative Observation Forms.

Under the supervision of the Head of School, essential functions and responsibilities include:


  • Consistently exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, spiritual maturity and Christian character before his or her students, parents and the rest of the school.
  • Exhibit humility and grace in leading the class and model repentance. The teacher is to actively and joyfully participate in Morning Scholé, weekly Lyceum, Exordium, and school assemblies.
  • Seek biblical solutions to problems with empathy and grace; humbly listening to, considering and respecting the positions of others (students, parents, administration and colleagues).
  • Understand the purpose and culture of Paideia while striving to uphold, build up and contribute to its mission and vision.


  • Demonstrate a biblical approach to work in all areas including punctuality, attitude, speech, appearance, and attention to duties.
  • Grow in understanding and application of classical and Christian principles of education.
  • Pursue and nurture personal spiritual growth.
  • Maintain an open and trusting relationship with administration and peers while addressing concerns in a manner consistent with a biblical approach. Including, but not limited to, believing the best about others; talk to and not about each other; stand shoulder to shoulder.
  • Adapts with flexibility, open-mindedness, calmness and optimism to necessary changes (e.g. curriculum, facility needs, class structure, scheduling, etc.).
  • Interacts with administration, colleagues, parents and students with patience, tolerance, empathy and humor to maintain positive relationships.
  • Attend mandatory in-service/staff meetings; participate in teacher mentoring opportunities and other mandatory attendance events.
  • Understand that he/she may occasionally be asked to combine classes (elementary), or if available, to step in as a sub (all grades) in the event of last minute, unexpected staffing needs.



  • Set up simple, manageable class routines to accomplish basic tasks, such as homework collection, materials storage and distribution, etc.
  • Enforce classroom and school discipline policies to provide an orderly atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Ensure that students should understand what is expected of them and display an acceptable degree of self-discipline.


  • Create weekly school lesson plans that are clearly written and turned in on time each week.
  • Emphasis should be placed on getting to know the families well, as well as letting them know what is happening in the class. The parents should feel welcome to visit the classroom.
  • Make good and wise use of approved curriculum guide and blueprint while skillfully moving students toward mastering learning objectives.
  • Prepare necessary materials for a substitute teacher.
  • Weekly and quarterly plans should reflect creativity and a good use of class time.
  • Maintain communication with “specials” teachers (art, music, language, etc.) and express to students that these subjects are equal in importance to the other subjects they study.
  • Communicate well and often with parents; providing friendly and constructive updates/feedback that expresses empathy and respect in written and verbal communication. Encourage parental involvement and feedback and communicate to parents by manner and word that the partnership between teachers and parents in teaching children is highly valued.


  • Maintain a neat, organized, clean and stimulating classroom environment for students, which should be decorated in accordance with our aesthetic guidelines and used in its entirety to engage students with material.


  • Be thoroughly informed and knowledgeable about the subjects assigned to teach, and reflect interest in each subject, using mimetic instruction consistently and appropriately.
  • Articulate a Biblical worldview and apply biblical truth to relevant situations, thereby communicating the relevance of God to all areas of knowledge; teaches subjects in manner consistent with biblical narrative of redemption. Uses classical teaching methods appropriate to students’ age.
  • Encourage students to see how all subjects are interrelated, as parts of God’s integrated universe, using clear language and age- appropriate vocabulary.
  • Memorize all bible verses, chronologies, jingles, songs, chants, catechism answers, etc. required of the students (this may be done over a reasonable amount of time).
  • Use clear language, appropriate vocabulary, and correct grammar and spelling in all lesson presentations.
  • Employ a variety of teaching methods consistent with the relevant stage of the Trivium including but not limited to: comprehension checks; rephrasing of concepts by students; inductive questioning; recitations, chants, songs, acronyms, summaries, reviews; and illustrations, applications, and demonstrations.
  • Utilize the objectives, materials, priorities, and methods prescribed in the curriculum guide, and encourage students to see how all subjects are interrelated.
  • Observe common teaching and reinforcement practices to promote student success.


  • Enable students to grow by providing classroom opportunities for prayer, worship, fellowship, and teaching of God’s Word.
  • Take reasonable measures in stimulating and maintaining the students’ interest in the material while recognizing and reasonably compensating for needs of individual students.
  • Confirm that students are making reasonable progress toward curriculum objectives.
  • Measure students’ progress using a variety of formal and informal means, including quizzes, tests, and proficiency exams, games, drills, and contests, etc.


  • Able to lift up to 30 lbs.
  • Able to stand for extended periods of time as needed.
  • Able to turn, bend, reach and occasionally use a ladder if needed.
  • Able to sit, talk, hear and maintain awareness of visitors to the classroom.
  • Able to work at desk and computer for extended periods of time as needed.

To apply for this position, send a cover letter that details your experience with classical Christian education and your faith story – how you came to know the Lord and how you are growing in your spiritual life along with your resume or curriculum vitae to [email protected].

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