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Physical Education/Science Grammar Faculty

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Trinity Classical Academy

28310 Kelly Johnson Pkwy, Valencia, California 91355

Position Description

Education and Experience
● Bachelor’s Degree
● Previous experience in Science and Kinesiology a plus

Essential Skills and Abilities
● Creating lesson plans
● Deliver high-quality, engaging instruction in the form of discussion, direct teaching, demonstrations and independent practice using a variety of proven methods
● Differentiate lessons when needed to give all students access to the curriculum regardless of disability, instructional level, language proficiency or level of interest in the subject
● Maintain a safe, orderly and supportive classroom by modeling expected behavior and standards, promoting positive interactions and quickly addressing behaviors that are not in line with the school’s
discipline plan

● Communicate with parents regarding student progress, potential and behavior periodically through
phone or electronic means and at parent and teacher conferences
● Plan structured physical activity classes to include specific child activities and themes, taking child safety
into consideration
● Facilitates scheduled physical activity classes by leading and participating in activities, operating tape players and preparing children for departures
● Sets up activity rooms for classes by cleaning, moving equipment and retrieving specific activity props
● Reviews activity plans with other Class Instructors on a regular basis
● Provides feedback regarding class enrollment and related class details to Manager on a regular basis, monitors the general business climate and makes necessary adjustments
● Evaluating student performance
● Excellent oral and written communication skills
● Energetic Mobility
● Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, faculty, and students of diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds
● Excellent Time Management, organizational and planning skills

● Teaching shows care for students and subject matter.
● A strong commitment to the emphasis and philosophy of Trinity Classical Academy
● Positive support of the school’s policies and practices
● Service oriented and able to interface with many people
● Truthful, positive, and purposeful when communicating with others
● Flexible and adaptable in dealing with new, different or changing requirements
● Multitasking in an environment with many distractions is a must
● Must successfully pass a background investigation

Working Conditions
● Generally works in a group environment
● Requires standing for long periods of time; will include frequent walking
● Able to make visual and auditory evaluation of students work and performance
● Physical Demands: Must be able to sit for extended period of time, repetitious hand and body movements, simple grasping, fine and gross motor skills. Stand and walk when administering care. Must be able to bend, squat, kneel, push, pull and lift up to 20 pounds. Must be able to climb one flight of stairs.
● Mental Demands: Ability to work well under pressure; ability to maintain a level of professionalism and clam when others are behaving inappropriately;
● Use of computer/monitor screen; projector and other classroom equipment;
● Travel: Travel will be required for local field trips
Work Schedule School Calendar: Monday – Friday, 7:20 a.m. – 3:15p.m. or as needed beyond these hours. Training days and parent teacher conferences may be longer workdays

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