Raise the Song: A Classical Christian Guide to Music Education



Raise the Song: A Classical Christian Guide to Music Education

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With technology, music has never been more constant. It is heard on phones and in waiting rooms, in coffee shops and on television. Despite such exposure, the number of people able to make music for themselves is dwindling. Classical Christian schools have a unique motivation to remedy this. Building a musically literate culture is foundational for the cultivation of beauty and the worship of God. Where better to start a generational overhaul than with classrooms full of our littlest worshipers?

The options for music training are many, but not equal. This book is designed to help the school administrator or music teacher sift through the pile and emerge with a vision and tools for building a flourishing classical Christian music program.

Contributing Authors:

David R. Erb
David Goodwin
Jarrod Richey (General Editor)
Steve Turley
Kent Young

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The Distinctive School Series from the Association of Classical Christian Schools will help teachers, administrators, and homeschoolers build their schools on a deep and distinctive foundation. Classical Christian educators seek to shape students in both wisdom and virtue, and to align their understanding of the world with the foundational truths of God. This series takes a “cornerstones” approach as it outlines those subjects or areas that define the perimeters of an excellent school. Soli Deo Gloria.

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