The Classical Difference 1-Year, 25-Pack Subscription




The Classical Difference: Bringing Life to the Classroom

The Classical Difference One Year 25-pack Subscription
  • Receive 25 copies of each issue of The Classical Difference over the period of one year. Perfect for extra school copies, handing out to families, promotions and events, or placing in lobby areas.
  • Cost is $120. $1 per magazine ($75), plus shipping ($15.00 each for 3 shipments).
  • Your one-year subscription will begin with the next available issue after payment is received.
  • The Classical Difference is a magazine to unite, inform, and engage the classical Christian community. For parents, friends, grandparents, and anyone interested in classical education.
  • Parents at ACCS Member Schools receive The Classical Difference in their mailboxes if their school subscribes.
  • The Classical Difference is published 3 times per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

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