The Startup Package




Eligibility:  This offer is available only to first-time members who do not currently enroll students.

The ACCS has long offered its Startup Notebook which contains much of the information helpful to start a school.  In 2017, we combined the notebook with 1 year of membership in the ACCS.  This allows a new school to access our expansive resources within the Member Resource Center (MRC).


Each new membership comes with a membership kit that includes:

  • One Startup Notebook and an annual membership in the ACCS. Membership is renewed annually in August.
  • ACCS publications and other materials.
  • Access to the Member Resource Center (MRC) which contains hundreds of sample documents and forms, access to all (available) past conference talks, a variety of written resources, and more.
  • Members under this special may not be listed on the SchoolFinder.

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