Looking for a startup school or group in your area?

Or maybe you’re looking to start a classical Christian school yourself? Maybe you have started the process and want like-minded people to join you? Below you will see a list of individuals, families, and churches — organised by location— who are looking to start or have already taken the first steps towards starting schools. They are divided by region, which you can see on the map below. If you would like to be that brave initiator, see our Start a School page for help and click on the button below to fill out a form and have your name added to the list. Classical Christian schools usually have small beginnings. One person with a vision is all that’s needed to start the process!


Anchorage, AK

As a family starting to look at education options in the area, I would love to help get a school started in Anchorage. Please contact Jenny Honrud ([email protected]) if you are interested!

Sonoita/Elgin, AZ

We are forming a private classic Christian school, K-12, in a rural area. Our goal is to start classes in September of 2023. Contact James Small at [email protected] for more information or to help out.

Stockton, CA

Hi, my name is Andrew Phillips. We are seeking parents who want to return to a more rigorous, virtuous and ardent Christian education for their children. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’re interested in assisting us start a classical Christian school!

Sitka, AK

Hi, my name is Emily Routon. We are a collaborative group of parents inspired by classical education. We’re currently multiage & grade K, 1-4, 5-7, & 8-9. Please email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in helping or getting more information.

Portland, OR

My name is Sam Russ Jr. and I have a strong interest in the possibility of starting a diverse Christian school where the leadership reflects the student population/demographics. I love the LORD. I want to see diversity in leadership and not in just the student demographic population. Contact Sam at [email protected] for more information.

Fort Collins, CO

Hello. We are David and Tammy Rummel. We would like to start a classical Christian school with a firm foundation in Latin. Contact Tammy at [email protected] for more information.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Hello, my name is Jen Foss. Our family of 5 loves living in the Steamboat Community. We have 3 school aged boys. We recently moved to Steamboat this past summer and have connected with a group of other faithful families; all interested in starting a school under the umbrella of a local church. We’d love to create an environment where our children are reminded all day long of the love of Christ and in return, train them to be disciples in our community. We want our children to know and love God whole-heartedly and foster in them a desire to love and serve others. We want to create a rigorous, bible-centered academic environment and engage children through creative, collaborative and project based learning. We are actively searching and praying for possible head master/executive director candidates as well as experienced educators for grades K-7th to start.
We invite you to reach out if you might be interested in either participating in a local Christian School or if you or someone you know may be a good fit to teach and or lead.
For more information contact Jenn Foss at [email protected].

Murray, UT

My name is Justin Clarke and I am a new pastor to the area. My family homeschool our kids. I would like to meet others who want to start a school or cottage school. Contact Justin at [email protected] for more information.

Billings, MT

We recently moved from WI where we attended a Christian Classical University model school. We want to start one here in Billings! Contact Erica Tauck at [email protected] for more information.

Hemet, CA

My name is Dennis Rasmussen. I am a Christian attorney who sees the need for a Classical Christian School (K-12) in the Hemet Valley. Currently, I am recruiting a headmaster and seeking adequate facilities. Contact Dennis at [email protected] for more information.

Mesa, AZ

I am a public school teacher looking to start a journey down a narrow path towards truth, goodness, and beauty. I have read one book on starting a school. It said, “one is a cult but five is an interest group.”  I just need Godly men and women who want to be a part of a counter-culture that is classical Christian education. For more information contact Rob Burns at [email protected].

San Diego, CA

My name is Jacob Merkey and we are going to start an affordable Classical Christian School in the fall of 2022. We would love to have more people to help partner with us in this endeavor. We are part of the Response Church and already have multiple families who are going to be a part of this brand new school. Please reach out if you have any interest to join! Contact Jacob at [email protected] for more information.

Santa Maria, CA

I am a mom to three children and my goal is to create a Christ filled learning environment for my children by fall. If interested, please contact Kali at [email protected].

Aberdeen/Hoquiam/Grays Harbor County, WA

We are interested in starting a Classical Christian School in the beautifully green, mountainous and ocean-side county of Grays Harbor in Washington State. We strongly desire your prayers for God’s provision for this project as we seek more co-laborers, churches, and interested families to join us in this start up. We currently have a steering committee formed which represents members from several local churches.

Our goal is to start classes September of 2021 beginning with enrollment into kindergarten and the primary grades as enrollment numbers allow. Whether you are an interested parent, pastor, donor, educator or other supporter, we invite you to contact us at [email protected] for more information. Also, you can request to be added to our contact list so that we are able to keep you updated on the progress of this project.

Michael & Annie Morgan on behalf of our steering committee.

Las Vegas, NV

I pastor a church in town, Redeemer Community Church. We want to start a school within two years.

If you are interested, please email Nick Hendrix at [email protected].

Aurora, CO

My name is David Ehrlich, father of two with one on the way; I am a former Marine, I have a bachelor’s in Architecture and a Master’s in Real Estate Development and Construction Management & I am currently employed in Construction Management with Hensel Phelps. The Lord has also given me a heart for education and my country; my intention is to plant a community oriented school that is pedagogically classical and missionally apprentice based. Students and parents will be expected to participate in civic life, community life, church life, and to have a biblically obedient home life.

If you are interested, please email [email protected].

Perris, CA

I am a pastor in the Inland Empire in Southern California and the father of 2 children (both under 2). The church I pastor used to have a large Christian school. Due to several reasons, it was shut down in 2018. But we have the space now to start and grow a new school. As a father, I’m very committed to having my children receive a classical Christian education, but there is nothing remotely close to us.

If interested, please email [email protected] or call (910) 224-8119.

Central valley area, CA

We are a husband and wife who are convinced that classical Christian education is the richest and most Christ honoring method of educating our children and the future generations. We hope to start a school in the central valley of California in the fall of 2019. Please contact Alyssa at [email protected].

Nevada County, CA

Like-minded group of families who believe our mission is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ by preparing our children and future generations for life-long service in God’s Kingdom utilizing the classical method wish to start a school in Nevada County, California. Please contact Erik Aanestad at [email protected].

Redwood City, CA

My name is John Martin and our family of four lives in Redwood City, California. We and the other families in our Bible Study are actively seeking out like-minded families that would like to start a Classical Christian Academy right here in Silicon Valley (possible locations are San Carlos / Redwood City / Menlo Park / Palo Alto). Contact John Martin at [email protected].

Jefferson County, WA (Port Townsend serving Port Hadlock, Port Ludlow, Discovery Bay, and Sequim)

Do you live in Jefferson County, Washington and are discouraged by the lack of quality education? Do you want your kids to have the highest quality in education and most solid foundation in Scripture? You’re not alone. My family and I are new to Port Townsend and, as the new pastor of San Juan Baptist Church, we are feeling that God may be leading us to start a Classical Christian School. If you’re interested in pursuing this in order to change the status quo for children in your community, then please contact me at 360-531-1899 or by Email at [email protected]. We will get the conversation started and see where God may lead!

Salem, OR

Our family recently moved to Salem, Oregon. We are praying for God to connect us with other families who are interested in starting a classical Christian school in Salem! We look forward to working and building a community with other like-minded families. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” –Colossians 3:23-24. Email me at [email protected].

North Denver Metro, CO

Summit Classical Academy is new classical Christian school forming in the North Denver Metro area. We are excited about this endeavor and believe it is filling a need in our community. The Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) is the largest network of classical Christian schools in the nation. The Denver area currently has two ACCS member schools, Arma Dei Academy in Highlands Ranch and Augustine Classical Academy in Littleton, but there isn’t an option on the North end. Summit Classical Academy is filling this need. We are passionate about the classical Christian model because we have seen it work previously and hear of its success in other ACCS schools across the nation. We believe this is the best education we can give our children, so we are going for it! Families who are interested in a classical Christian school in the Northern Denver Metro area please contact us via email at [email protected] or visit our website at: www.SummitClassicalAcademy.org.

Phoenix, AZ

My name is Bryan Baker and I am very interested in starting a school in the Surprise-Peoria-Glendale area near Phoenix, AZ. Please visit my website and sign up for the interest list! https://classicalchristianphx.school.blog/


Northfield, MN

Hi, my name is Kathleen Kopseng. We have a start-up location and several interested in teaching. We’re still in the information gathering stage and are beginning to look at financing, and promotion. There is some information listed below:

Name: Cornerstone Academy.
A small group has been meeting since July and hope to start Fall, 2023.
Grades: unsure.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information. 

Columbus, OH

My name is Brandon Rohrig. I’m a church leader, small business owner, and former public school teacher based in Columbus, Ohio. With the help of my local church, I’m planning to launch a new classical Christian school, Virtues Academy, as soon as fall 2023. If you’re a like-minded believer in Central Ohio, I’d love to hear from you. You can visit https://virtues.academy or send me an email at [email protected] to get in touch.

Springfield, IL

My name is Amanda Starr ([email protected]), and I want to start a hybrid school in Springfield, IL that offers classical education options, and nature-based options. I am a mom of three girls, and have dreamed of homeschooling my children for years. That finally became a reality in 2020, but I’ve come to realize there’s a lack of resources for homeschooling families in my region. I discovered Classical Christian schools and homeschool hybrid options and believe God has revealed to me the need for a Classical Christian Academy that offers full-time and hybrid homeschool options for families in the Springfield area.
I’d love to connect with others who believe in this vision and desire an excellent education for their children.

Crawfordsville, IN

My name is Jeremiah Navarre. With two littles of my own, I am dreaming of giving my boys a first class Christian education. I would love to connect with families who are also looking to start up a classical Christian school locally. Long term it would be an incredible blessing to see a Christian college started in the same town as a liberal university (Wabash) that influences the entire county with their ungodly agendas. Please reach out to [email protected] if you live in or near Crawfordsville, IN!

Webster, SD

Hi, my name is Korina Brockhaus and I would like to start a CCE school near the Webster area of northeast South Dakota. I need another parent to help teach. I had the wonderful opportunity to send my oldest to Kindergarten at a CCE during the 2021-2022 school year. We have since moved to South Dakota, and there is nothing like this available anywhere near me. I want my children to continue to have the opportunity to learn in a faith-based curriculum and environment; and I believe there are other families who want this for their children as well. I also do not want the government involved with curriculum, or any possible medical decisions of my children, and a CCE non-profit will provide this safe haven. I would love to gain support from the community and join with other parents and families to make this school a reality. Please reach out to me at [email protected] if you are interested in supporting or getting involved. Thank you!

St. Charles, MI

Hi, my name is Joel Carini. I am a PhD student, living in St. Charles, Missouri. I plan to found a Protestant classical school in St. Charles, 5-day/wk. We live in the New Town community and would like to locate the school within that area. We are looking for interested families! Please email me at [email protected] if interested!

Canton, OH

My name is Tori Bell. I was previously a public school teacher, now I am a mom of 3 little ones trying to find the best education for my children. This past year, I have been introduced to the classical model and instantly knew that was how I wanted my children educated. I want not only my children but the children of Canton, OH, to be taught with a biblical worldview and to grow to be logical thinkers and lovers of truth. We are looking for families to partner with us. If interested contact us at [email protected] or call 330-727-8843.

Ferdinand, IN

My name is Scott Garrison. My family and I live in Dubois County, IN, and I am prayerfully exploring starting a classical Christian school in our area. I think we have all witnessed the collapse of our education system in America. School is now a place of indoctrination, not education. Long ago, we stopped teaching children HOW to think and started telling them WHAT to think. This is unacceptable and I long for another way for my children to learn and grow. Please contact [email protected] for more info.

Greater Lansing, MI

My name is Sarah Kwilinksi. I am the director of the planned Sundial Classical Farm for Classical School and Arts & Trades Program. We are located in the North to South-Eastern part of Greater Lansing (Dewitt, Bath, Laingsburg, Perry, Haslett, Okemos, Williamston). We have a preliminary website with more information at sundialclassical.farm. We have ordered the startup kit as of 09-Apr-2022 and will begin to work through that right away once received. We also plan to apply to Hillsdale College’s K-12 initiative to be a Curriculum School (They accept submissions in Jan and July). The school would strive to include students with learning and behavioral needs inasmuch as possible and would have an integrated applied component. This would distinguish it from alternatives, though there is only 1 credible classical alternative in the Greater Lansing area. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

Hillsboro, MO

My name is Donna Sims and I am the Children’s Director at Raintree Church. We have a homeschool Co-op of approx 70 students meeting weekly. We have plans to build a children’s center and feel a school is needed due to the state of the public schools. Our priority is to teach the Word of God to children as well as provide the other resources/skills needed to help each, be the person God has called him/her to be. Contact Donna at [email protected] for more information.

Manhattan, KS

My name is Jonathan Hastings and I am a Pastor at Vintage Faith Church and am burdened to offer parents another high quality option to disciple children. Homeschooling is great for some, private school can tend to be public school with a christian veneer, but I have grown to believe in the classical model. having taught in the public school system for 5 years, I know that there is more to be had for our children’s education (discipleship) and am just looking for any families that would want to look into exploring this option in the Manhattan area. Contact Jonathan at [email protected] for more information.

South Dakota

The Lord has given me a heart for classical Christian education. My family has had the blessing of being part of a beautiful classical Christian school. We now reside in South Dakota where this method of learning is not available.

I strongly desire to start an unapologetically Christian and distinctively classical school. I need partners in this process. Assistance with fundraising. Teachers with a passion to teach while preparing children’s hearts and minds to God’s Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

My mission is for my family and yours to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ by preparing our children and future generations for life-long service in God’s Kingdom.

Whether you are an interested parent, pastor, educator, donor, or other supporter, I invite you to contact me at [email protected]

Marlyn Benavente

Ann Arbor, MI

Our public schools have great financial resources available to them, which should, in my opinion, be shared with those seeking to establish a non-sectarian Christian school. We must work toward winning a share of public resources by asserting our right under the “equal protection” clause of the U. S. Constitution. Until such time as public funds become available, somehow we must find the means, with God’s help, to educate our children in Christian schools. Many parents are choosing the homeschooling option and making much progress in developing cooperative networks of like-minded parents. I’m past the age of raising my own children, but am prepared to devote my skills, insight, talents, and faith to helping parents open a classical Christian school. I’m located 45 min. north of Ann Arbor, MI and can become involved in a start up in Ann Arbor, or Detroit, or other areas located within driving distance. I’m here, I’m called, and I want to help.

Contact Byron Perrine at [email protected] for more information or see his webpage here: www.HeritageRestorationProject.org

Tecumseh, MI

I am a father who wants to pass the glories of Classical Christian Education to my children. Yet, such an education needs community.
I am looking to lock arms with other families in the Lenawee County area. Perhaps, my home Church (Tecumseh Missionary Baptist) may house the fledgling school, but the more important factor as of now is a community of like-minded parents, teachers, and especially fathers (Eph. 6:4) to lay the ground work for such a school.

Come worship with us at: tmbcfamily.org and be a part of the vision! If you are interested, please contact Collin Smith at [email protected] or (517) 902-6561.

Paola, KS

I am looking for families who are interested in starting a Classical Christian School in Paola, Kansas. There is a huge need in our area, and I would like to do my part in helping start a school that will change my child. I started homeschooling, not rigorously, last year and used the Veritas Press Kindergarten curriculum. If you have any interest and you are in the area, please contact, Jamee Emo at [email protected]

Coldwater, MI

I am a homeschooling mom and former Classical Conversations Tutor. I love the Classical Education model and would like to start a school by Fall of 2022. For more information contact Jennifer Wortz at [email protected].

Columbus, OH

My name is Zack Ruder and I am the Lead Pastor of Village Church Columbus, located just south of downtown Columbus. Our church has a heart and calling to start a Classical Christian School on the south side of Columbus that would serve our church families, neighborhood children as well as like-minded families around the city. If you are of a like mind we would love to talk with you about our heart, vision and plans. For more information contact Zack Ruder at [email protected].

Ladysmith, WI

My hope is to have a classical Christian school available to students in our region by the fall of 2022. Contact Jacob Smith at [email protected]com for more information.

Leavenworth, Lansing, Piper areas, KS

I am looking for families who share the vision of starting a Christian school in the Leavenworth, Lansing, Piper areas. I believe that a Classical Christian school in or near the Leavenworth County, can equip graduates to serve the Kingdom with wisdom and discernment, so that students know the Truth, are able to reason and are prepared to walk in God’s ways for a lifetime.
I desire to partner with parents and churches, to train up students to know, love and enjoy Truth, in pursuit of their purpose in Christ, that they may be fully equipped for the challenges of spiritual engagement, family and citizenship responsibilities.
If you share the vision for such a school, know that the need exists in this area, and the field is ripe for the harvest! Please contact Sarah at [email protected].

Troy, IL

I am passionately prayerful about launching a classical, Christian school in the St. Louis Metro-East region. If you are interested in joining in this effort, please contact Alisa at [email protected].

Ramsey, MN

I’m a high school science teacher with a passion for a better education for my children and for the children in my community. If you are interested in joining a startup school effort, please contact Kelly at [email protected]com.

Marion, OH

All Souls Reformed Church plans to start a school for the 2021-2022 school year. We are in the process of generating public interest and connecting with area churches and families. If you are interested, please contact Aaron at [email protected].

Mt Pleasant, MI

I am a passionate advocate for CCE. We would like to start a grammar school with plans to go K-12 as the Lord leads. We are looking to have a meeting for interested families before the 2020 year ends. Email Joseph VonDoloski if you are interested: [email protected]

Columbus, OH

To my knowledge, the Columbus metropolitan area has no school that meets 5 days a week that is distinctly classical, let alone with a Christian emphasis. Christian education is a worthy effort, but pairing it with the classical approach is, I think, what truly can set it apart. I’m looking for like-minded families who see the value in this and want to create something that can make a tremendous impact.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] or call (740) 507-1856.

Harrisonville, MO

We are Harrisonville Classical Christian Academy, K(4)- 8th grade School starting in August 2020. You can find us on FB. We are taking enrollment now with reduced fee until July 24, 2020.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] or call (816) 865-6970.

Rhinelander, WI

Homeschooling family committed to classical Christian education and pastor of a local church taking the leap to begin a school in the Rhinelander, WI area. Any other like-minded folks interested in taking the leap with us? Please contact Jeremy at [email protected].

Northwest Indiana/Lake County, IN

My name is Melody Smith and I am interested in starting an evangelical classical Christian school in northwest Indiana/Lake County. My husband and I initially learned about classical education during our many years of homeschooling. I have recently gone back to school, first for a Master of Divinity degree and now I have just finished a doctorate (Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership), both from Liberty University. My dissertation research study was entitled, “Classical Christian Education and Students’ Christian Formation.” After personally interviewing parents, students, and teachers and observing classrooms from three ACCS-member schools for this study, I believe that the classical Christian approach provides the best means for equipping children to live the Christian life in today’s world. My husband and I would love to speak to anyone in our area who would be interested in helping establish a new school. Our “nest” is now empty so we need parents and kids, as well as teachers. My own background is in church music (choirs/drama/all ages) so we could definitely offer a strong music program. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] or call 219-779-2989.

Elkhart, IN

We are a family of six hoping to start a Christian classical school in the Elkhart area! We are looking for likeminded families who also desire this and would like to be involved in the process. Please contact Brianna at [email protected]. Thank you!

Charlestown, Indiana (southern Indiana near Louisville, KY)

Hi, my name is Jon Knight. I am a pastor in Charlestown, Indiana. My wife and I have two young children (2 1/2 and 11 days), and we would love to help start a Classical Christian School in our area. Our prayer is that before our children are beginning school that we will have one started for them to attend. If you are in the Greater Clark County area and are interested in starting a school please email me at [email protected] or call (502) 294-9318. I would love to speak with you and see if the Lord would be pleased to use us to start a school together.

South Kansas City, MO

My name is KJ Behler and I am looking for families to partner with to start an affordable and accessible Classical Christian School in the South Kansas City area to serve Christian families in Grandview, Raymore, Belton, Lee’s Summit, Greenwood, and even Cass County. I am currently in seminary working on my Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Christian Education and I hope to launch the school no later than August of 2021. If you are interested in Classical Christian Education and live near the southern suburbs of Kansas City, please contact me at [email protected].

Libertyville, IL (Chicago Area–Northern Suburbs/Lake County)

After homeschooling for several years, my husband and I have been exploring the possibility of a classical school for our kids. As the nearest option is about an hour’s drive away, we feel led to start praying for what role we may play in starting a classical Christian school in this area. We are looking to partner with other families to pray for this need, as well. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 847-915-0116.

South Central

Durant, OK

Hello, my name is Chelsea Fortenberry. I am a secondary science educator who would like to start up a classical Christian school with a goal of starting in fall 2023. I want students to have opportunity to learn about creation with passion through a biblical worldview. A love for philosophy and theology are the two pillars envisioned for this hopeful future K-12 school. Contact me at [email protected] for more information. 

Bridgeport, TX

Hello, my name is Sabrina Puckett. I am a seminarian’s wife, a mother, a homeschool educator/graduate, and a former public school teacher. I hold a BA in English and a Master’s in Education from the University of California at Santa Barbara. We are starting a school to reflect the light of Christ, and facilitate a community wherein children may pursue knowledge of truth and beauty. You can reach me at [email protected].

Bossier City, LA

My name is Michelle Woods. I am a mother of 5 that is looking to open a 3/5 day classical school for all kids rooted in classical pedagogy. We are looking for interested individuals with a desire to start from the ground and work up to building a school that teaches God’s vision and classical pedagogy with opportunity for all kids regardless of economic limits. If interested in helping, with funding or ideas, time, planning, etc., please contact me at [email protected] for future meeting times.

Norman, OK

St. Sophia Classical Academy is a small private hybrid-model Christian classical school in Norman, Oklahoma, equipping students to live for the glory of God and the benefit of others. We provide students an education rich in the classical tradition, gentle to the needs of student’s development, and with the goal of formation of strong Christian character and moral grounding. Contact Whitney Watts at [email protected] for more details.

Yukon, OK

My name is Richard Nix. I am the headmaster of Glory Christian School in Yukon, OK. We are going into our second school year this fall. We currently offer PK3- 6th grades, and plan to add a grade until we complete High School. Please let me know if you’re interested in more information. My email is [email protected].

Abita Springs, LA

Hi, my name is Jim Ross. I am a grandfather and elder in a EPC church, and I sense the calling into Christian education. We are in the first stages of seeing if starting one will work in our area. Please let me know if you’re interested at [email protected].

Owasso, OK

Our city needs a Classical Christian School. I would like to help launch one that is ultimately K-12. Owasso has a strong classical conversations home school network. However, it seems demand is outstripping their capacity. And I believe there are many families that would prefer an in-class classical Christian option. You can contact Andy Coleman at [email protected] for more info.

Frisco, TX

We are looking to start a CC school in Fall 2023. Initially K-8. Working on getting additional support. There is a significant need in our area. Planning to attend the conference in June. For more info, please contact Stephen and Sarah Breeding at [email protected].

Northwest Arkansas, AR

For the past 20 years we have served in classical schools both in faculty and administrative roles. We are interested in founding a classical boys school in the Northwest Arkansas area. We are seeking like-minded families to join us in training up men who will understand their role in God’s economy to be equipped to lead their families, churches, and communities with faithfulness. Please contact Lance Harris at [email protected] if you are interested in joining us.

Farmers Branch, TX

My name is Terri Addison. We are a small group of parent that want advanced academics and athletics with the focus being a Kingdom school focused on classical christian education. Our children have been trapped in private schools that are no longer faith based. For more information, contact [email protected] 

Catoosa, OK

My name is Caleb Moore. I pastor in Catoosa, Ok. We have a great facility that we would love to use as a Christian school. Contact Caleb at [email protected] for more information.

Richardson, TX

My name is Meredith Burns and I am a parent, desiring to start a classical, Christian school in my neighborhood with scholarship opportunities.We desire to be a richly diverse community of Christ-followers who are passionate about providing excellent education and raising up the next generation of Christian, servant leaders to transform their families and communities. Contact Meredith at [email protected] for more information.

Coppell, TX

My name is Sophia Guerra-Metz. Many local parents like myself are looking for a 5-day classical Christian program for our children. If you are looking to join or start a school in the Coppell area, contact Sophia at [email protected] for more information.

Magnolia/Tomball, TX

We recently moved to Magnolia from Katy. In Katy we were heavily involved with a classical hybrid. As an educator with Katy Classical Academy, I attended Repairing the Ruins and am committed to educating my children classically. I also see a huge opportunity to pass on what I have learned about education in this area. Please email Leslie at [email protected] if you are interested.

NLR/Sherwood area, AR

I am an RN, currently staying home with my three children (8, 4, 20mo). I am homeschooling my oldest though prefer a flexible/hybrid in-person option that aligns with CC values. I am motivated to team up with others who share these ideas. Please email Sarah at [email protected] if you are interested.

Bryant, AR

My husband and I are desiring to start a classical Christian school in Saline County, Arkansas. If you live in Saline County and are interested in being a part of a classical Christian school startup, please contact me at [email protected].

Abilene, TX

Visit https://www.abileneclassical.com for more information about Abilene Classical Academy, a startup school in Abilene, TX. Please contact Joshua Cornett at [email protected] for more information.

Fayetteville, AR

My name is Caleb Martin. My wife and I are interested in starting a Classical Christian School in Fayetteville, AR. My wife has been teaching classically for the past 7 years and is currently pursuing a master’s in classical education. I work locally for a Christian non-profit outreach ministry. We are looking for other like minded families who would like to discuss and pray about starting a school. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


Keene, NH

Hi, my name is Lindsay Pattison. The pilot year is planned for Fall 2023 in Keene, NH, to begin a classical Christian school for Prek-3rd and 9th grades. Email me at [email protected] for more information. 

Williamsport, PA

My family believes in and wishes to contribute to this classical Christian vision. Finding no CCE school nearby, we mean to fix that. Contact Joseph Gill at [email protected] for more information.

Allentown, PA

I am pastor of HOPE Community Church in inner-city Allentown. We are considering starting a Christian Classical School. Contact Emmanuel Suarez at [email protected] for more information.

Plum, PA

My name is Sharice Ortiz. I am interested in giving parents in my area an alternative to public school. Contact me at [email protected].

Somerset, NJ

I am a parent of 2 little girls. I desire to start a school that teaches our kids to have a consistent and biblical world view. For more information contact Jarrell Legagneur at [email protected]

Buffalo, NY

My name is Nick Sluyter and my wife, Lauren, and I are campus ministers in the Buffalo area. We are hoping to see a 5 day, K-12 Classical Christian school in Buffalo. For more information contact Nick at [email protected].

East Providence, RI

Luke (dad, local pastor) and Sara (mom, educator) would like to start a hybrid classical school in Prov/EP. If you are interested in more information, please contact Luke at [email protected].

Charlestown, RI

We are an enthusiastic and motivated husband and wife team desiring to bring the light of the gospel and the kingdom of God to southern RI through a stalwart classical Christian school. We are looking for other serious Christian families to join us in this journey. Come help us bring CCE to the Ocean State! Please contact Ryan Kilpatrick at [email protected] or 401-218-2657.

RI/ Southeastern MA Area, MA

Experienced Christian school educator seeks folks interested in starting a new Christian school in the RI/ Southeastern Mass. area. Please contact Dr. Thomas Roche at [email protected] or 508-212-1491.

Central Maine

My name is Jane Simpson and I am looking to start a classical Christian school in central Maine that would meet three days per week and emphasize theological rootedness in the Trinity, liturgical formation of learning habits, and the role of imagination in the perception of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. I have a vision for a school that provides both an academically excellent classical Christian education and serious vocational training in skills and work that make rural living possible, beautiful and enjoyable. Please write to [email protected] or call 207-938-3215 if you are interested.


Woodbridge, VA

Do you live in Prince William County, Virginia and are disheartened by the lack of quality education? We are praying for God to connect us with other families who are interested in starting a classical Christian school in Woodbridge, VA! We are a husband and wife invested in shepherding the heart and mind of our children and future generations. We hope to start a school by the fall of 2023. We look forward to building a diverse community with similar vision. Contact Rantimi Adetunji at [email protected]

Epworth, GA

Hi, my name is Tiffany Roath. I have owned a Christian preschool since 2017. Last year we added an elementary school and now serve K-5th grade. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information about this new classical Christian school.

Kernersville, NC

Hello, my name is Michael Kuehn and I live in Kernersville, NC with my wife and two daughters. I continue to see the benefits and blessings from attending a classical Christian high school and I want that same quality education and formation for my children, and for the community. I taught music at a K-8 Charlotte Mason school nearby for many years, and am now the Director of Worship and Education at Grace Kernersville. I’d love to connect with other families who may be interested in bringing classical Christian education to the area. Please email me at [email protected] for more info!

Cooper City, FL

Hello, my name is Sebastian Ospina. We are a church with a Classical Christian School ministry who are aiming to point our children to God. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.

Wilmington, NC

My name is Chaz Churchwell. We are launching a classical K-8th school August 2023 w/ ratios ~15:1 centered on Christ, academic rigor, arts, and athletics.
My wife and I see the lack of options for Christian education in Wilmington, so we are working to solve that problem by launching Port City Christian Prep (PCCP). We are prayerfully looking for a church or building to launch in and are making a significant financial investment to get this off the ground once we have a location secured. Our goal is not for this to be the cheapest option (that would require more kids per teacher), but rather to launch a solid classical Christian school that uses the Harkness Method (research shows this increases retention up to six-fold). Unlike many classical schools who forgo the arts and athletics, we believe that athletics and the arts teach children valuable lessons. Our kids must learn to lose with class and win with humility. They need to learn to work as a team. If classical education had a weakness it would be the stifling of creativity, hence the importance of the arts. Writing, acting, editing, painting, and drawing to experience being creative, just like their Creator. In 1 Peter Scripture calls us a “royal priesthood”, so our mascot will be the Royals. With lower class ratios, ACCS systems, the Harkness Method, and higher standards we will seek to raise the standards of discipleship and academics in Wilmington, NC. Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more about the school or how you can partner with us to launch this.

Manteo, NC

Hello, my name is Barbara Benfield. My heart’s desire is to reach the next generation for Christ within an unparalleled education environment. Please call if your family or church is interested in joining this endeavor. We are proactively seeking the facility and hope to open a school (Mourning Dove Discipleship) within the next year. My email address is [email protected], and my number is (336) 899-0063.

Ashland/Boyd County, KY

I am a public school teacher of English approaching my 35th year and a bi-vocational pastor in a small Baptist church. I have been thinking and praying about this for quite some time and was deeply moved by the series, “The Miseducation of America.” I have two grandchildren who are not yet in school, and I would like to provide an alternative for them and for other parents/families in the eastern Kentucky region. Contact Rob Lockhart ([email protected]) to help.

Laurens, SC

My name is Caleb Levi. I pastor a small church in Gray Court, South Carolina and I believe children in Laurens County would be blessed with CCE. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

Carrollton, GA

Hi, my name is Shanna Wilcurt. I am working to start a school that will ultimately be K-12, and that is Christ-centered and rigorous. Our school name will be Life Christian Academy. Our mission is to provide an academically rigorous education centered on Christ, with an environment that reinforces the beliefs and values of the home. We aim to produce young men and women who have roots in the community and are committed to community outreach wherever life takes them. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Ashland, VA

Hi, my name is Travis Rector. We currently have two children at Veritas School in Richmond but would love to see God build something similar in central Hanover for His glory. I’m passionate about stewarding the next generation to Christ. Please contact me ([email protected]) if you’re in the Ashland area and have interest in starting an ACCS school.

Orlando, FL

My name is Marc Brashear. We are establishing Christus Victor, a Board-Directed, Classical Christian School opening Fall 2023 in Orlando, Florida. In the kind providence of God, we have established the non-profit corporation and a Board of Directors. We have the support of Cornerstone Church of Orlando (Reformed Baptist) and with their help, the work is well underway. For more information, contact [email protected].

Cadiz, KY

My name is Amanda Clappes. There are currently no private school options in Cadiz, having to drive 30+ minutes to take our children to school. I am hoping we can garner enough interest that either my church or the church group will take on the project of starting a school. Please contact me if you are local and want to place your children in a Classical Christian Education school. Let me know what grades your children are in so we can let the church know how many students and what grades they could be serving! Contact Amanda at [email protected] for more information.

Tucker, GA

Rehoboth Baptist Church is opening a Classical Christian School to open August of 2022. Rehoboth Classical Christian Academy will serve grades K – 8. If we have interest from high school students, we will consider opening higher grade levels. For more information contact Jessica Leverett at [email protected].

Louisville, KY

My name is Richard Breen and I am 66 years old. My wife and I have been together 42 years. We have 3 children, 2 grandchildren, a third on the way. We have a niece who teaches in an ACCS school. I have been practicing law for 42+ years. See my webpage: Richardbreen.com

I have been on 2 school boards. I hope to found an ACCS accredited school in Louisville that becomes an ACCS model. The Spirit is moving me to do this. We need this. Contact Richard at [email protected] for more information.

Columbia, SC

I am Savannah Cruel and I am a second-year Kindergarten teacher. I am passionate about CCE and want to start a school. There is only one CCE school in Columbia, but I think Christian families deserve many options and diverse settings. Contact Savannah at [email protected] for more information.

Hampstead, NC

The area between Wilmington and Jacksonville has grown rapidly and the education options are insufficient. I want more for my children, and I know several other families around here who feel the same way. For more information contact Jane Gross at [email protected].

Lexington, KY

I’m committed to locating other like minded Christians with a desire to create an affordable/safe Christian School. Contact Madison Masse at [email protected] for more information.

Morgan County, AL

I’ve attended several Classical education conferences that helped shape my educational (and life) philosophy, and inspired me to continue my own education. Our world needs Classical Christian education. Although I feel woefully inadequate to the task, I am stepping out in obedience to God’s direction and look forward to serving families who strive to train not only the minds, but also the hearts and souls of their children.

After graduating our sons from our homeschool, I am interested in supporting other families in their homeschool journey. I’d like to start a Classical Christian cottage school in the form of a one or two day per week tutorial. I welcome interested families in the surrounding area to contact me and prayerfully consider becoming part of our Initial Team to establish a school.

Contact Aprille Flemons at [email protected] for more information.

Senoia, GA

I’m T.J. Sweetin, a father of three ranging from one month to five years old. I am looking to gauge interest in starting a school in the Senoia area. For more information contact T.J. at [email protected].

Freeport, FL

My name is Brandon Durham. I am a pastor at First Baptist Freeport (fbcfreeport.life) and I am starting a collaborative model school, Homeport Academy, in Freeport. Contact Brandon at [email protected] for more information.

Mt. Sterling, KY

I’m an associate pastor who is committed to discipleship through a classical Christian education. For more information contact Austin Lewis [email protected].

Murfreesboro, TN

I am currently at the early stages of exploring this calling, but if there is sufficient interest (I have a few families that I know of on my own) I am ready to move on this sooner, rather than later. Thank you for any support and communication. Contact Kevin Krahenbuhl at [email protected] fore more information.

Johnson City, TN

I am a teacher and would like to start a K-12 classical Christian school. Contact Shelly Shults at [email protected] for more information.

Kennesaw/West Cobb/Marietta, GA

As a 5 year homeschool family, we are seeking Christian families eager to start a “hybrid” Classical Christian school. For more information contact Reagan Preston at [email protected].

Green Cove Springs, FL

My husband and I are life long entrepreneurs. God has absolutely called us to the education mountain. We need partners in this process. Assistance with fundraising. Teachers with a strong desire to teach while preparing hearts & minds to be excellent through classical education. Must have a vision for spiritual training via scripture, prayer and worship. The current educational system is abhorrent to God. He wants to rescue & educate His students. Many parents, teachers and staff have been forced to compromise their values and conscience because there was no choice but to watch the manipulation of children and the destruction of our country by kidnapping our children’s minds. We applaud & thank those that have been the light within the school but offer them freedom through this opportunity to raise the next generation of virtuous learned, God- honoring young people. Let us encourage each other to put our faith into action.

For more information contact Pamela Henry at [email protected].

Lincolnton, NC

I pastor a church in Lincolnton and am exploring interest in opening a Classical Christian school. I have two kids about to enter the school system, and the Lord has put a burden on my heart for Christian education. I also have experience teaching on the college level. I would love to see what kind of interest is out there, and if we can create a group of parents to get one off the ground, Lord willing.

If you are interested, please contact Clark at [email protected].

Lithia, FL

I am a mom of 6. We have attended 3 classical schools. We love our current school. Every child deserves this education.

We have a child with learning differences. He deserves this education as well. We want to start a school to expand to accommodate students of all learning differences.

If you are interested, please contact Morgandee at [email protected].

Wilkesboro, NC

I am a local pastor and veteran community college educator of eighteen years. We are prayerfully exploring the possibility of starting a CCS in Wilkes County. If you are interested, please contact Marc at [email protected].

Wilkesboro, NC

I am a local pastor and veteran community college educator of eighteen years. We are prayerfully exploring the possibility of starting a CCS in Wilkes County. If you are interested, please contact Marc at [email protected].

Carrollton, GA

We are looking to start a CCES in our community. If you are interested, please contact Russ at [email protected].

Palm City, FL

I’m a homeschool and classical charter school mom looking to start a school that’s 1. Christian, 2. Classical, and 3. Hybrid, offering 2 – 3 days in the school with 2 days at home, reviewing and learning with the parents. I’m seeking like-minded believers interested in a classical, christian hybrid school in Martin County. Please contact Katie Crews at [email protected].

Mt Airy, MD

I have a vision of starting a private classical Christian school. I have served on board for a public charter school. I am looking for other interested individuals to join in this effort. Please contact Adam Orr at [email protected].

Nashville, TN

My name is Laura and I am deeply passionate about bringing an accessible and excellent classical school option to Nashville. I am a former high school teacher who quit to homeschool my first child in a classical model. We have simply loved it and I have seen how beautiful, elegant, and effective it is. I truly believe that good classical education can change not only the student but their communities as well–local to global. Please contact Laura Weston at [email protected].

Biloxi, MS (and surrounding area)

We are two families with passionate hearts for children to experience the richness of a Christian classical education in a hybrid model (part school/part homeschool) on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (in or near Biloxi, MS). We seek like-minded families interested in starting a K-4 co-op in ’20-’21, leading to the launch of a school in ’21-’22. Please contact Stephanie Dollahite at [email protected].

Charlotte (Ballantyne area), NC

My name is Maite Lamarre-Pierre. I have fallen in love with classical Christian education and currently there isn’t a school in our area. I look forward working with like-minded parents and leaders who share my sentiments. If interested, please email mtlamap[email protected]

Elizabeth City, NC

My name is Carol Terryberry. Through homeschooling, I developed a passion for classical Christian education. Elizabeth City has a few private options, but the Christian schools are either legalistic or secular. Please contact me if you are interested in working together on this project. [email protected].

Alexandria, VA

I am a veteran public school teacher who has been commissioned by God to become the founder of a Christian School grades 6-12 in the Alexandria, Virginia area. All children of faith will be welcomed, as well as those who seek to know Jesus. Please contact Deborah Rowson, D.Min, at [email protected] or 571-268-5802.

Evans, GA

I’m interested in starting a classical Christian hybrid school in Evans, GA. Looking for interested families to join us on this journey. Contact Shannon at [email protected] if you are interested.


Abia State, Nigeria

My name is Olisaemeka Alexander and I am a seminary student. My goal of starting a classical Christian school is to bring up children in the way of God. Contact Olisaemeka at [email protected] for more information. 

Vienna, Austria

My name is Matthew Short. We are several reformed brethren looking to start a German Classical Christian School in the Vienna, Austria area. Contact Matthew at [email protected] for more information.

Kinshasa, DR Congo

Poiema International Academy provides a Classical Christian Education in the DR Congo to strengthen the body of Christ. For more information contact Kahindo Mbodwam at [email protected].

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Chris Cousine is an educator and firefighter that would like to find others that are willing to start a Classical Christian School by 2022. For more information contact Chris at [email protected].

Kasoa, Ghana

I am a pastor at Jordan Gospel Church in Kasoa, Ghana with a passion to bring Christ-centered education to my community. I have members in my church who are interested in participating, looking for other like-minded churches who would partner with us. For more information contact Emmanuel Chucks at [email protected].

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

A group of parents are planning to start a classical Christian school in Grande Prairie, Alberta, opening September 2021. We would love to hear from other parents in the area who are interested in becoming involved. Please contact Alex Barendregt at [email protected] if interested.

Mississauga, Milton and Brampton area, Ontario, Canada

My name is Heather Geertsma and my husband and I have two young children. As we have explored education options for our children, we have become convinced that classical Christian is the richest and most Christ-centered pedagogy for educating our children. We hope to start a classical Christian school in the Milton, Mississauga, and Brampton area. We would like to connect with other families in the area to form a group to explore starting such a school. Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] if interested.

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

My name is Rebecca Kloosterman and I am a qualified elementary teacher and a Pastor’s wife. A small group of families in our church are exploring the possibility of starting a Classical Christian School, and would love to connect with any other like-minded parents/educators in the city of Peterborough. If interested, please email [email protected].

Cusco, Peru

A team of evangelical reformed missionaries in Cusco, Peru looking to start a classical Christian school to support the growth of the gospel in our city. We’re looking specifically for God to call a headmaster to join our missionary team and help launch an international school here for both missionary children as well as nationals. Email me at [email protected].

Angus-Fife Area, Scotland

My name is Dave Dickson and I am an assistant pastor at Lochee Baptist Chapel, Dundee, Scotland. My wife and I have three boys of school age and we are looking to gather with other families to start a Classical Christian School in the Angus and Fife area. I believe this will be the first in Europe and would be excited if this is the first of many! For more info please contact me at [email protected].