Part 1: Don’t Miss the Blessing

The classical Christian system nurtured Christian children for nearly 2000 years. And then, we forgot about it. When we abandoned the “cultivation” of our youth, we set in motion the harvest. In the past 30 years, hope has returned to the field. Nearly 50,000 students are trained in classical Christian schools today.

Part 2: Forging a New Path

Are your children prepared to make a difference? “Geronimo, Amen!” Part 2 shows you why classical Christian education (CCE) is the best form of education for every child.


Davies Owens, Head of Vision and Advancement

Ancient Future Education

This creative presentation makes the case for Classical Christian Education in modern life. It is an excellent resource to communicate to parents who are in the market for a school who may want to learn more about CCE. Members are free to share this video anywhere.
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Thomas Velasco, 12th Grade Humanities Teacher

Discover Purpose

This talk on classical education and the discovery of purpose gives excellent insights into how we ought to educate, as well as compelling stories to highlight this message. Members are free to share this video anywhere.
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