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2nd Grade Teacher

Alexandria Classical Christian Academy

Classical Christian Education. Deus Pro Nobis.

2932 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22302

Position Description

Alexandria Classical Christian School is seeking to invest in a 2nd grade teacher. ACCA believes in promoting, protecting, and uplifting their faculty in a collegial, joyful, and productive school. Salaries start at $55,000. Interested individuals should send an inquiry or cover letter and resume to Headmaster Katherine Kramer, [email protected].


ACCA teachers love and serve the Lord in all aspects of their life. Their life, actions, beliefs, and hearts have been and continue to be transformed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They faithfully profess Holy Scripture as true and confidently agree to the Apostle’s Creed and the ACCA statement of faith. They:

Are members or faithful attenders of local churches.
Dedicate themselves to a lifelong study of Holy Scripture.
Faithfully aim to live a holy and robust Christian life.
Speak winsomely and eloquently about the truths of Scripture.
Demonstrate an integrated understanding of Christianity that impacts all aspects of their lives.
Demonstrate humble, joyful, and godly character, freely seeking forgiveness from others and granting forgiveness themselves.
ACCA teachers love and serve their neighbors.  They recognize the immense value of each human being, firmly believing that all people are made in the image and likeness of God (imago Dei). A humble and ever-emerging love for mankind as a whole and their neighbor alike is a direct result of God’s saving grace. They view teaching as an excellent way to serve the Lord and their neighbors through discipleship. They:

Consistently show value and love for children, respecting and understanding human development through childhood.
Articulately express and integrate biblical truth into their conversations and work.
Humbly follow Matthew 18, at all times aiming to speak the truth in love and repent as needed.
Pray for their students and colleagues, and the ACCA community at large.
Demonstrate maturity and strong character and operate as a living picture of ACCA values: Love, Truth, Fortitude, Gratitude, and Courage.
Care for the ACCA community by honoring the confidentiality of each student and family they work for as well as colleagues.
ACCA teachers are excellent pedagogues. They understand that a rich education imparts knowledge of truth and develops fully formed humanity through training the affections and habits of students. They value a liberal arts education as realized in the trivium and quadrivium and are not satisfied with a cursory level of knowledge of either the subjects they teach or the craft of teaching itself. They:

Continually hunger to learn and grow in the knowledge and skills of teaching, as well as the subjects they teach.
Model sincere love for learning and delight in the studies of their students.
Demonstrate enthusiasm and fortitude in the work, patiently and excellently managing their classrooms with proper regard for the development of their students.
Consistently and lovingly train the habits of their students and help them develop appropriate personal disciplines.
Consistently and lovingly train the affections of their students toward truth, goodness, and beauty, and away from popular culture for its own sake.
Are well spoken personally and professionally, and who write with accuracy and excellence.
Demonstrate prompt attention to the duties of their work including written and oral communication, task management, curricular planning, and cultural work.
Welcome collaboration with parents and colleagues.
Demonstrate increasing mastery of classical methodologies in their curricular work and lessons.
ACCA teachers are colleagues and create a community of friendship. They understand the responsibility of a faculty to form the backbone of the school and seek to uplift one another. They delight in mentorship and the opportunity to learn from one another. They:

Speak well of one another and the community.
Enthusiastically engage in ongoing mentorship and enjoy the opportunity to be mentored and mentor others.
Enjoy conversation and time with colleagues outside of school.
Pray for one another daily.
Robustly partake of opportunities to grow through professional development, faculty studies, and meetings.

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