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1st and 2nd Grade Teacher, History Teacher, Logic and Rhetoric Teacher, and Boys' Coach

Alpha-Omega School

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. - Jesus

1st Street #69, დიდი ჭყონი, მარტვილი რაიონი (Didi Tchkoni, Martvili Region), Republic of Georgia, 3116

Position Description

Alpha-Omega is looking for men and women of character who wish to live overseas as missionaries, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to the unreached, while teaching (in English) at a classical Christian school.

We are currently in need of teachers for 1st and second grade, history, logic, rhetoric, and an athletic director/coach.

Alpha-Omega School is located in a small village in the Republic of Georgia. The school offers a classical Christian education to poor village children. who without our school would be trapped within the horrific educational system that exists in the country. One of the primary goals of the school is to spread the gospel to the unreached Georgian people.

Here is the latest video of our school.  It shows much of the surrounding country and gives you a clear idea of our facilities.

Starting the 2024-25 school year, we will have grades first through tenth.

In many ways classical education works even better as a language school.  All of our students are ELL, thus their elementary years are spent with mass amounts of rote memorization not only by design, but also by necessity.  By the time they are ready to transition into the next phase of the trivium, their grasp of the English language has also just barely arrived at an appropriate level to be able to reason and argue.

We firmly believe in the benefits of classical Christian education as a better form of education for all people, but in particular it is of paramount importance in countries that have a communistic legacy.  Communism at its core removes choice with both its consequences and rewards, causing that people to become robotic.  Worse still, entire nations become robotic.  Critical thinking is abolished and in its place stands corruption and violence (seen in schools as bullying) – the loudest, scariest voice rules.

Living in a post-communist country can be challenging at times and though Georgia is largely Orthodox in its religious predisposition, during the ten years we have lived within the country we have found it unreached with the gospel of Jesus.  We are in need of teammates who are strong in character and are eager to teach with excellence while spreading the gospel of Jesus. All subjects are taught in English utilizing an immersion philosophy within the classroom.

Our students are amongst the poorest in the country.  Alpha Omega School strives to be a positive, loving, energetic, creative, educational environment.

Alpha Omega is staffed by missionaries living within the country.  We operate with the closeness of a family.

If you interested in joining our team, loving on the unreached, and experiencing life outside of America, perhaps even for only a year, please email our director Katie McClain at [email protected].


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