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Grammar Principal

Annapolis Christian Academy


Position Description


The Grammar Principal is an administrator at Annapolis and the leader of the grammar school. The Head of School delegates to the Grammar Principal the authority and responsibility to manage the grammar school.

Qualifications: The Principal shall

1. Affirm that he/she is a born again Christian who knows the Lord Jesus Christ as  personal Savior (John 3:3, I Peter 1:23, Romans 10:9-10).

2. Have displayed the highest Christian virtue and personal decorum and been an appropriate Christian role model (I Timothy 4:12, Luke 6:40).

3. Demonstrate spiritual maturity and a teachable spirit (Titus 2:2-8).

4. Faithfully attend and financially support a local church whose fundamental beliefs are in agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Academy (Hebrews 10:24-25). 5. Be convinced of the importance of the need for daily prayer and meditation in the Word of God.

6. Accept without reservations the Statement of Faith of the Academy.

7. Have strong organizational abilities.

8. Have strong consensus-building abilities.

9. Hold at least a Master’s Degree in Education, Theology, or an academic field.

10. Have at least 5 years prior experience in education, with 3 years prior administrative experience.

11. Be a lifelong learner.

12. Hold appropriate certification for the position, as may be required.

13. Meet such other qualifications as may be determined by the Head.

Job Performance Responsibilities: The Principal provides leadership to the grammar school’s various constituencies by first understanding, and then upholding, communicating, and furthering the overall vision and mission of the school. He/she is responsible for directing the daily  operation of the school, always acting within established Board and School policy. As such, the Principal has the following job performance responsibilities:

In the area of Administrative Leadership:

1. Develops and supervises the administrative assistant by delegating tasks and delineating responsibilities.

2. Recommends to the Head and enforces policies and procedures to ensure that Board policy guidelines are implemented and that efficient administrative procedures for enrollment, student discipline, parent communication, and safety concerns are in place and followed.

3. Plans and monitors school programs and operations and makes necessary adjustments utilizing effective problem-solving techniques.

4. Implements strategic short-term and long-term plans.

5. Maintains and communicates the school’s vision for Classical and Christian education.

6. Communicates and implements school culture and atmosphere ensuring excellence and consistency in adherence to the school’s mission and vision.

7. Stays up-to-date on the latest political and educational issues affecting the school.

8. Plans and oversees the school’s master calendar as it relates to the Grammar school.

9. Ensures that complete academic student records are maintained.

In the area of Instructional Leadership:

1. Provides educational leadership to lead teachers and faculty to ensure that Classical and  Christian standards of education are accomplished.

2. Coordinates curriculum development within the Grammar school, ensuring that curriculum guides are created and followed and instructional goals are met in all levels of the school’s programs.

3. Leads the faculty in developing appropriate curricular choices, continuously informing the Head of progress, and seeks Head approval for major curriculum changes.

4. Actively works to maintain accreditation.

5. Develops growth of the faculty through in-service, workshops, class visitations, etc.

6. Ensures that chapel services and co-curricular and curricular programs are implemented  to encourage students to grow spiritually and develop Biblical character traits.

In the area of Board Relationship/Communication:

1. Shall be held accountable by the Head for the total operation of the school.

2. Keeps the Board informed of school issues by submitting monthly written reports in advance of Board meetings and by attending Board meetings.

3. Makes recommendations for strategic plans, policies, and other board decisions.

4. Assumes a leadership role in suggesting and presenting proposed policies for Head consideration.

5. Supports Board policy and decisions.

6. Represents the Board by acting as an effective liaison between Board and staff members.

7. Ensures that Board actions and plans are communicated to staff, students, parents, and the school community.

8. Ensures that all legal requirements for the operation of the Grammar school are met.

In the area of Human Resource Management:

1. Recruits, hires, supervises and develops faculty and staff, according to established Board policy.

2. Monitors and builds faculty and staff morale; ensures proper Biblical relationships are maintained among faculty and staff members.

3. Ensures that job descriptions are created and communicated to faculty and staff and that evaluations are performed regularly; sees that recognition and plans for improvement are communicated and documented.

4. Promotes professionalism for the staff, in actions, conduct, and dress.

5. Supervises, indirectly or directly, as appropriate, all members of the Grammar school staff.

6. Assumes a leadership role in the evaluation of Grammar school personnel.

8. Maintains a school atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

9. Promotes a proper Christian atmosphere in the school at all times.

In the area of Financial Management:

1. Works cooperatively with the Head to ensure an annual budget is prepared.

2. Ensures that proper financial procedures are in place and are followed and that the financial operations of the grammar school are conducted in a Biblical manner, according to Board policy.

In the area of Facilities Management:

1. Evaluate building needs and communicate long term needs to the Head.

2. Ensures that campus facilities are maintained in an orderly and safe manner.

In the area of Marketing and Development:

1. Builds and maintains a positive image for the school within the community and within the school.

2. Assists in overseeing an effective admission process by following procedures for re-enrolling current families and enrolling new families each year, and conducts (or delegates) parent interviews with a perspective of building a strong enrollment of standard-bearer families.

3. Fosters and maintains strong relationships with local churches and pastors.

4. Maintains proper relations with other Christian schools, local universities, businesses,  and local public school districts.

5. Personally pursues and develops effective relationships with potential and existing donors.

6. Assumes a leadership role in long-range planning efforts for the school.

In the area of Parent Communication:

1. By use of various means, the Principal keeps parents informed of the relevant issues and programs in the school and builds working relationships with parents.

2. Encourages frequent participation of parents within the school programs.

3. Represents the school at parent, church, and community groups.

4. Plans regular parent meetings including parent orientations.

5. Makes self available to meet with parents and other interested people and addresses concerns appropriately.

In addition, the Grammar Principal shall assume such other duties as may be assigned by the  Head.

Reports to: the Head of School

Terms of Employment:

1. The Grammar Principal is employed under an employment contract approved by the Head according to adopted school policies. A multi-year contract may be offered at  the discretion of the Head.

2. Compensation for the Principal shall be determined by the Head.

3. The Principal shall be eligible for the same benefits as all other employees and according to the adopted policies of the Board. In addition, the Head may offer additional benefits and/or perquisites to the Principal.

4. The contract shall specify terms under which it may be terminated by either party and procedures in case of a dispute. These areas must also conform to adopted school policies.

Evaluation: The Principal shall be evaluated annually by the Head according to adopted  Board policies.

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