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Humanities Teacher

  • Teacher
  • Midwest

Arma Dei Academy

341 Wildcat Reserve Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80126

Position Description

Essential Functions

  • Accurately demonstrates knowledge of the academy, classical Christian education model, and academy procedures/protocols
  • Consistently demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism, refrains from gossip*, and supports the academy through word and deed
  • Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills
    Contributes to a culture of respect and collaboration among colleagues
  • Models an attitude of humility, openness to feedback and direction, and possesses a life-long hunger to learn and grow

Grade Level Teacher Functions

  • Integrates biblical truth across all subjects and disciplines
  • Demonstrates consistent application and implementation of classical pedagogy within the classroom, including poetry, chants, jingles, and song
  • Collaborates through weekly grade level meetings and seeks assistance and direction from Grade Level Lead as needed
  • Understands grade level course scope and sequence and materials, including curricular pacing and implementation
    Establishes and maintains a well-organized classical classroom that follows provided guidelines
  • Collaborates with Grade Level Lead ensuring alignment and consistency in pacing, grading, behavior systems, projects, and special events within the grade level
  • Ensures quality and timely dissemination of information through grade level established systems (weekly newsletters, Friday Folders, announcements, etc.)
  • Proactively initiates regular communication with each family that emphasizes relationship building
  • Informs and educates parents in the classical Christian education model as opportunities arise
  • Maintains an open line of communication between parents and colleagues; when concerns arise with members of the community, they are handled scripturally by going directly to the individuals involved
  • Cultivates relationships with students, models and assists students through the peacemaking process as needed
  • Trains students in character, manners and respect, organization, and management and care of property
  • Establishes manageable class routines to accomplish basic tasks, such as taking attendance, homework collection, daily cleaning schedules, materials storage, and distribution, etc.
  • Fully embraces, trains, implements, and enforces the published behavioral expectations inside and outside of the classroom at all times
  • Collaborates with Grade Level Lead when handling student struggles and concerns regarding discipline
  • Consults with Grade Level Lead and Dean of Academics regarding struggling students; brainstorms possible classroom interventions, implements recommended next steps for progress, and follows published Academic Support Policy
  • Works with Grade Level Lead to ensure proper documentation of student and parent concerns
  • Guides and effectively utilizes Teacher Assistant in order to enhance instruction
  • Utilizes Canvas gradebooks and maintains up-to-date course homepages as required by the Deans of Academics
  • Employs a variety of techniques, in addition to formal testing, to measure a student’s progress
  • Ensures that report cards are an accurate reflection at teacher’s professionalism by accurately communicating a student’s performance, ability, and character
  • Creates weekly lesson plans that synchronize with the course scope and sequence and objectives provided by the academy; plans must be accessible to the administration at any time through Common Curriculum or Google Drive
  • Provides detailed substitute plans when needed
    Follows all published academy policies found in the Employee
  • Handbook and Parent/Student Handbook

Additional Duties

  • Completes additional assigned duties, including but not limited to lunch, recess, carline, and homeroom supervision
  • Participates in faculty morning prayer and devotions
  • Attends required faculty meetings and in-service training
  • Contributes to all-school evening events such as Back-to-School Night, Recitation Night, and Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Works closely with Principal on professional development plan


  • Spiritually vibrant Christian displaying Christ-centered servant leadership that integrates faith and work in a spirit of humility
  • Expertise and experience in specified grade level
  • Demonstrates self-awareness, thirst for learning, and openness for professional growth
  • Skilled in applying and integrating a biblical worldview across all subjects
  • Proficient in using classical pedagogy in the classroom
  • Demonstrates a thorough grasp and commitment to Arma Dei Academy mission and vision
  • Understands and follows all published school policies
  • Loves the subject matter, students, and the toil of the day
    Dependable, teachable spirit
  • Cooperative team-player

* Gossip is defined as unconstrained conversation or speculation that is negative in nature, designed to vent, or garner personal support rather than following proper protocol that occurs between any colleagues or members of the Arma Dei community not involved in a situation. Gossip creates overall unrest, concern, and is unhealthy for the community as a whole.

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