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Dean of Students

Christian Life Preparatory School

5253 Altamesa Blvd., Ft. Worth, Texas 76123

Position Description

Christian Life Preparatory School is a collaborative, classical Christian school serving 365 students in grades K-12.

Our purpose is to partner with parents who want to spend time with their children and see them grow up to be amazing disciples of Jesus. Our academic program aligns with the vision of the school using classical methods of instruction with the goal of nurturing students who pursue Christ-centered relationships all the while becoming effective communicators and critical thinkers who are grounded in Jesus the Truth. Our classes can be characterized as active/dynamic learning/formation environments.

As a collaborative school, students in grades K-5 attend classes 2 days a week at the main campus with a MW or TTH schedule. The other 3 days of the week, they are at home completing instructor prepared assignments in the satellite classroom under the supervision of one of their parents. Students in grades 6-12 attend classes 3 days a week, MWF, and are at home in the satellite classroom the other 2 days.

Christian Life Preparatory School (CLPS) is seeking a pastorally minded, relationally-experienced leader for the position of Dean of Students at its K-12 Fort Worth campus. At CLPS, the Dean of Students is a key member of the Administrative team, partnering with the Head of School, Principal, Dean of Academics and Athletic Director to fulfill the school’s mission of partnering with like-minded parents to form their children – heart, soul, mind, and body as defined in the school’s Profile of a Graduate.

The Dean of Students is the primary accountability leader for students and is responsible for non-academic, student-related matters and school sponsored activities both on and off campus.  The Dean of Students will work collaboratively and in full partnership with the teachers, coaches and parents in the school to provide opportunities, accountability, and age level appropriate challenges to the students as they grow in the Christ centered relationships which form the core of a flourishing Christian life.

Duties and Responsibilities

Mission and Leadership

  • Embrace the vision, mission, education philosophy, and culture of the school as well as the school vision set forth by the Head of School
  • Demonstrate alignment with the school’s core purpose, values, and objectives
  • Lead the school when the Head of School is absent
  • Demonstrate visible, active leadership in the daily life of the school, including during the daily routines of arrival, dismissal, lunch, and break times as well as at school functions and events that occur beyond the school day
  • Work collaboratively as a part of the administrative team to support students, parents, and faculty

School Community

  • Create engaging processes and make informed decisions based on community input
  • Provide strategic direction, implementation, and communication about all facets of student life programming
  • Lead the Administrative team in regular reviews and appropriate updates of the Parent/Student handbook
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of student leadership training throughout the academic year
  • Initiate and lead formative student life programming in partnership with the administrative team and faculty

Working with Faculty and Staff

  • Establish and support engaging, supportive and respectful relationships with faculty and staff
  • Work closely and communicate regularly with the athletic director, school office manager, director of security, and facilities personnel as well as various church personnel
  • Facilitate regular communication between students and faculty by providing important feedback to staff about the student experience and mediating conversations between students and staff
  • Serve as a point person along with the learning specialist, and the Head of School in supporting students facing significant challenges
  • Collaborate with the Head of School and Principal in leading new student onboarding and planning any new student events and programming throughout the school year

Working with Students

  • Build grade-level appropriate relationships with all students
  • Create and oversee student programming, including middle and upper school retreats, activities, and student leadership opportunities
  • Oversee the student experience and foster a school climate that enhances community and student growth
  • Be present and visible in the school community by frequently connecting with students in common areas, lunch times, co-curricular spaces, hallways, and other spaces students gather
  • Nurture and develop student leaders
  • Coordinate selection and election of student leaders
  • Co-lead the senior class leadership team
  • Provide proactive and responsive one-on-one and group-based student support
  • Foster a caring, positive, inclusive, safe and joyful school culture
  • Encourage student enthusiasm for, and sense of community in the school by generating student support for school activities

Discipline and Attendance

  • Enact and continually improve a thoughtful and thorough student discipline program
  • Support and communicate the community expectations including the code of conduct, honor code, and major school rules
  • Regularly and clearly communicate school disciplinary procedures and policies and the benefits to staff, teachers, students, families, and the school community
  • Help to create academic, behavioral, and social communal norms in the school and educate students both formally and informally about these norms
  • Lead the disciplinary process including regular review of the community standards by discussing violations of norms with students, planning interventions for students and the community, and leading conflict resolutions and relational restoration
  • Implement disciplinary interventions including suspensions, expulsions and actions for relational restoration
  • Mediate and resolve discipline and relational conflict issues
  • Consult with the Head of School for significant discipline action and conduct issues
  • Coordinate discipline meetings with students and families involved
  • Manage and communicate daily student attendance to Head of School

Other Duties or Responsibilities

  • In partnership with Head of School and admissions department, develop and participate in family programming, including New Family Information meetings and new student visitation days
  • Teach at least one course—either a full-year class or an elective offering.
  • Represent the school frequently at school events, some that may extend beyond the regular school day

Common Qualification Requirements

  • Must be a professing Christian with a daily practice of service and devotion
  • Must be an active member of a local Christian church
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in education or related field required
  • Preferred experience as a teacher or educational administrator
  • Preferred experience in a similar role in a high school setting
  • Preferred experience as an associate or assistant dean
  • Experience in working collaboratively in educational leadership
  • Experience in supervising and managing multiple programs

Sample Skill Requirements

  • Demonstrate the qualities of compassion, empathy, and openness, while utilizing excellent active listening and communication skills
  • Commitment to collaboration with students, parents, staff and faculty
  • Possess a proper sense of perspective and a sense of humor
  • Ability to build an inclusive community that is practiced by the students
  • Timeliness and follow-through in terms of action/steps across multiple projects
  • Regularly express a joyful and enthusiastic attitude
  • Excellent planning and time management skills with an emphasis on organizational and collaborative skills with the ability to properly prioritize
  • Ability to effectively manage a team and work well independently
  • Demonstrate integrity and flexibility while nurturing a dynamic student community
  • Ability to balance the needs of multiple constituencies
  • Warm and friendly, yet also firm with student accountability for school rules
  • Positive attitude, flexible approach, and a demonstrated desire to learn
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, and experience with public speaking
  • Effective facilitator in large groups, small group and in one-on-one situations
  • Maintain high professional standards for personal appearance, integrity, tactfulness, discretion, fairness, and confidentiality
  • Culturally aware
  • Growth-minded and committed to professional development
  • Team player with the ability to seek input from appropriate sources to inform decision-making
  • Understand, follow and fully support the visionary leadership of the Head of School demonstrating confidence in the development of a fully functional, formation minded, collaborative school

Current Activities/Systems/Student Programs at CLPS

  • Student House System for Grades 6-12
    • House Leadership Structure – Students and Faculty Advisers
    • Annual House Officer training
    • Back to School – New student induction ceremony
    • Back to school party and cookout
    • Monthly House Battles
    • Monthly House Officer meetings
    • House faculty adviser meetings
    • Annual House led student retreat
    • House led spirit week and Homecoming celebration
    • Individual House Events
    • Weekly House Bible studies
    • House parties
    • Community Service projects
    • Annual student award ceremonies
  • New Task – Create separate House system for grade 6-8
  • Clear procedures for handling student uniform violations and excessive tardies and absences
  • Parent/Student Training week for new school year
  • Senior Class leadership team and school service activities
  • Parent support seminars/Guest speakers
  • Various community service opportunities with existing local initiatives
  • End of year awards – Knight Award, Highest GPA, Service Distinction for seniors
  • Morning Assemblies – Lower, Middle and Upper school events
  • Daily lunchroom monitor – Lower, Middle and Upper school
  • Grades K-5 Character Development
  • Monthly Character traits curriculum
  • Monthly character celebration at extended lunch
  • Annual Student mission trip 1st week of summer break
  • Student team travels overseas to partner with selected mission outreach
  • Support additional mission trip for Spanish class to Spain
  • Prepare Knightly News – Weekly school wide newsletter

Sample Requested Documents

  • Cover letter indicating the candidate’s particular interest, qualifications, experience, and how they are a fit for this position
  • Current resume or CV
  • Essay about the candidate’s Christian experience
  • Essay describing the candidate’s personal educational philosophy
  • Personal statement about the candidate’s leadership philosophy and style
  • 3-5 references
  • CLPS employee application

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