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Full-Time Grammar School Teachers

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Classical Christian Academy

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Position Description

Classical Christian education ought to change the orientation and prioritization of our affections, impacting what we value and who we become.  We are seeking PreK-6 grammar-school teachers with a deep love of the Lord and of His people, who are called by God in their vocation to faithfully serve and invest in the next generation.  In this position, you will collaborate closely and continuously with a team of like-minded fellow teachers, administrators, parents, and students to create an effective, engaging, joyful, orderly learning environment that fosters and pursues academic growth & excellence, spiritual development, a love of learning, and ultimately a love of the Lord. 


  1. Christian Character & Faith:  Have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a passionate, growing, personal relationship with Him; be a fully engaged member of a local evangelical Christian church body and fully support the school’s Statement of Faith.  The highly effective teacher’s life is marked by imitation of Jesus Christ, by great love, contentment rather than complaining, prayer,  joy, & the heart posture of a servant.   
  2. Education & Experience (Preferred, not required):  Bachelor’s degree in education, classical education, or a relevant field; Expertise and experience in specified grade level.
  3. Knowledge (Preferred):  Strong understanding of classical Christian education principles, philosophy, & pedagogy (or ready willingness to learn these), grammar instruction, phonics, reading comprehension, & early mathematics concepts.
  4. Classroom Management:  Proven ability to manage a classroom effectively, establish clear expectations, and create a positive, disciplined, joyful, orderly learning environment.
  5. Collaboration & Communication Skills:  A ready willingness, humility, and ability to work effectively as part of a team, collaborating continuously with fellow teachers, administrators, families, and students.  Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  6. Creativity, Patience, & Adaptability:  Ability to develop and implement engaging lesson plans and instructional strategies; Demonstrate patience and adaptability to differentiate instruction.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities: 

  1. Curriculum Delivery:  Follow all published academy policies found in our Employee Handbook and Parent/Student Handbook; understand and implement course scope and sequence, materials, and pacing (e.g. for grammar teachers, implement the grammar program curriculum, incorporating classical Christian principles, to foster a strong foundation in grammar, phonics, reading comprehension, and early mathematics)
  2. Pedagogical Approach:  Integrate biblical truth across all subjects and disciplines;  Demonstrate consistent application and implementation of classical pedagogy within the classroom, (e.g. Grammar: poetry, chants, jingles, and song; L/R:  Lost Tools of Learning, catechisms, debates & discussions, Socratic dialogue, etc.); provides effective, engaging, orderly, and joyful classroom instruction to facilitate student learning & understanding. 
  3. Lesson Planning:  Develop & implement engaging lesson plans aligning w/curriculum objectives.
  4. Student Assessment:  Regularly assess student progress and provide timely and constructive feedback to students and parents, ensuring ongoing academic growth.
  5. Classroom Management:  Establish and maintain a well-organized, positive, disciplined classroom environment that follows CCA guidelines & expectations; encourage a culture of respect, responsibility, active participation; Fully and consistently embrace, train, implement, and enforce the published behavioral expectations inside and outside of the classroom.
  6. Spiritual Development & Maturity:  Instill Christian virtues and character development through intentional instruction and modeling, promoting virtues including (and not limited to) humility, love, joy, integrity, and respect.  
    1. Establish and train in habits of heart, and mind through class rhythms, routines, and liturgies that develop character, manners & respect, order, and love for one another.
    2. Model conflict resolution (Matthew 18) for the community as we live out the “one anothers” found in Scripture.
  7. Professional Development:  Engage readily and enthusiastically in ongoing professional development opportunities to improve understanding and implementation of classical Christian pedagogy & instructional strategies, team cohesiveness, curriculum development & continuity, and a culture of continuous improvement.  
    1. Work closely with direct supervisor on a personal professional development plan, including pursuit & fulfillment of ACCS accreditation standards.
    2. Demonstrate continuous professional growth and development and lifelong learning to include engaging in books, podcasts, conferences, workshops, and training sessions related to educational leadership and classical Christian education.
  8. Professionalism & Collaboration:  Demonstrate professional behavior in all relationships, building trust with parents & serving as excellent teammates with staff.  Collaborate closely, continuously, and humbly with fellow teachers, administrators, and families to promote a cohesive & integrated school culture, aligning with CCA’s grammar, logic, and rhetoric programs.
    1. Complete additional assigned duties, including but not limited to lunch, recess, carline, field trips, and homeroom supervision; contribute to all-school day & evening events (e.g. Exordium, Speech Meet, Parent-Teacher Conferences, etc.)
  9. Communication:  Ensure quality, timely, and effective communication with parents, providing updates on curriculum, student progress, and opportunities for parental involvement in the grammar program.  Cultivate appropriate mentoring relationships with students, modeling and assisting through the peacemaking process as needed.
  10. Other duties as assigned

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