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Administrative Principal

Franklin Classical School

Raising Up the Next Generation of Christian Cultural and Spiritual Leaders

408 Church Street, Franklin, Tennessee 37064

Position Description

Administrative Principal Job Description

The administration of Franklin Classical School, in the areas specified below, shall be delegated by the Board of Trustees to the Administrative Principal.


1. Implement the vision and goals of the Board of Trustees.

2. Support and uphold board decisions and policies.

3. Maintain a supportive Christian environment for all personnel, students, and constituents.

4. Serve as an ex-officio membership on all Board committees.

5. Utilize the talents and expertise present on the staff, the board, and constituency in reaching decisions, executing policies, or developing programs.

6. Attend all Board meetings and provide insight and counsel to the Board.

7. Report monthly in writing to the board on the progress and challenges of the school.

8. Facilitate the board’s strategic plan for FCS.

9. Collaborate with the Administrative Principal and Academic Dean to ensure that on-going vision training takes place for faculty, staff, and parents.


1. Maintain and encourage a learning environment that fosters professional growth, invention, and creativity by the faculty and staff.

2. Administer discipline for misbehavior consistent with policy, document details, and communicate with parents and the Academic Dean.


1. Supervise the daily operations of the school within board policy in coordination with the Academic Dean.

2. In cooperation with the finance committee and appropriate school personnel, develop an annual budget and be responsible for the administration of the school’s budget.

3. Supervise and coordinate the activities and programs of all extracurricular an cocurricular student activities in coordination with the Academic Dean.

4. Oversee the school website.

5. Review and update the parent handbook on an annual basis in coordination with the Academic Dean and Chancellor.

6. Review and update the employee handbook on an annual basis in coordination with the Academic Dean and Chancellor.

7. Supervise all aspects of school technology.

8. Oversee the creation of an annual school calendar in coordination with the Academic Dean.

9. Create tuition contracts.

10. Oversee and facilitate the election of class officers and the fundraising activities of the Upper Division.

11. Oversee the activities of grade parents.

12. Coordinate and oversee the work of parent volunteers.

13. Coordinate new family integration.

14. Oversee development activity.

15. Oversee all aspects of school facilities.

16. Oversee all aspects of school safety and security.

17. Oversee FCS Athletics.

18. Oversee FCS Human Resources.


1. Hire and supervise the staff who carry out work within the sphere of the Administrative Principal.

2. Provide for the evaluation of staff who carry out work within the sphere of the Administrative Principal.

3. Create contracts for all staff and faculty.

4. Supervise the activity of athletic personnel.

5. Supervise the activity of maintenance and other facilities personnel.

6. Supervise the activity of security personnel.


1. Keep staff and appropriate constituents informed regarding Board work and policies.

2. Provide for the flow of information about the school to the parents, alumni, donors, constituents, churches, and community.

3. Oversee all marketing endeavors.


Perform any other duties assigned by the Board of Trustees.

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