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K-2 Grammar School Classroom Aide

Good News Academy

32868 State Route 35N, McAlisterville, Pennsylvania 17049

Position Description

Job Description: Good News Academy K-2 Grammar School Classroom Aide
REPORTS TO: School Headmaster
DATE: February 28, 2022
OBJECTIVE: This is not intended to be a complete delineation of all the possible responsibilities of a Good
News Academy Aide. Rather, it is a general description of the basic tasks an aide will be normally required to
perform and be evaluated upon. In addition, it is expected that the aide will comply with all applicable school
policies and guidelines.
PURPOSE: The Grammar School faculty teaches and trains the grammar school students inspiring them toward
wisdom and godliness.
GOOD NEWS ACADEMY MISSION: The mission of Good News Academy is to minister to families by
providing their children with a rigorous, Christ-centered education, based on a Biblical worldview.
Assists the Classroom Teacher with the following:
1. Teaches whatever class they are assigned to inspiring students to love learning and teaching them
effectively resulting in students that learn the skill of grammar and the content of the curriculum by:
a. knowing the material that is taught holding the interest of the students
b. speaking in clear, vivid, language
c. meeting students’ individual needs
d. explaining unknown in terms of known
e. challenging but does not exasperate students
f. getting students to retain and apply knowledge
g. reviewing sufficiently
h. creatively planning and teaches a lesson
2. Trains students and has a classroom whose culture and discipline reflect Christ’s resulting in students who
are disciples of Jesus Christ and who self-consciously lives out His life by:
a. following discipline policies
b. having a studious classroom environment
c. stopping students from stealing education of other students
d. providing understandable standards for expected behavior
e. fostering an atmosphere full of enjoying learning
f. avoiding stifling or boring the students
g. loving a student even when disciplining them
h. maintaining standards of school culture
i. making sure students are in uniform
3. Demonstrates the ability to be a good example of Christ-like behavior and professional conduct resulting
in students who can emulate their teacher’s behaviors, attitudes and work ethic by:
a. being punctual
b. being compliant
c. being responsible
d. being a good example for the students
e. following staff dress code
f. turning in planning timely
g. turning papers back to students timely
h. keeping clear and readable grade book
i. communicating with parents effectively
4. Creating and maintain a neat classroom environment that inspires learning resulting in an environment
that encourages learning and by:
a. maintaining a neat and clean classroom
b. employing to creatively reinforce an interest in curricular material
5. Using effective teaching methodology resulting in students that effectively memorize grammar
school curriculum content by:
a. chanting
b. singing
c. drilling
d. memorization
e. using material proscribed by curriculum guide
6. Perform other duties as assigned.
1. This position normally requires a high school diploma or GED.
2. An aide should work to constantly expand their abilities by gaining further knowledge/training in areas of
SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Aide is responsible to assist the Teacher in
supervising the classroom. The Teacher will provide direction to the Classroom Aide.
WORK ENVIRONMENT/DYNAMICS: The Aide works in a classroom environment, but also oversees
students during recess and lunch, along with the Teacher.
WORK YEAR: This position is a part-time position that works 9 months a year.
SCHEDULE FOR EVALUATION: Aide will be evaluated annually by the Headmaster. A new Aide will
have a 60-day evaluation during the first semester of tenure.

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