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Upper School Math Teacher

Greenville Classical Academy

400 Brookfield Parkway, Greenville, South Carolina 29388

Position Description

Greenville Classical Academy partners with Christian parents in the education of their children by providing a classical, Christian education solidly grounded in God’s Word and the Protestant tradition. The part-time Upper School Math teacher will provide quality instruction, utilizing classical pedagogy, and will create a positive learning environment that encourages perseverance and student growth, while embodying an attitude of scholé and restful learning. Courses may include Algebra (I & II), Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.The ideal candidate will be equipped to teach students in the Logic and Rhetoric Schools (grades 9-12). Candidates must exhibit a love for students and their families alongside a desire to serve them through excellent work and communication and must embrace the mission and vision of Greenville Classical Academy.  Any candidate must be a firm believer in the Christian faith and demonstrate active membership in the ministry of a local Christ-centered, Bible-believing church. Qualifications include an undergraduate degree, with significant coursework in Mathematics and classroom experience a plus, and additional duties relating to individual qualifications may be discussed.

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