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Athletic Director

Heritage Preparatory School

1700 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Position Description


Heritage Preparatory School, a classical Christian school located in the heart of Atlanta, is seeking a well-qualified individual to lead the athletics department. At Heritage, we are firm believers in the holistic development of our students. We value the education of the mind, body, and soul, and we see this reflected in our commitment to athletics. We recognize the inseparable union of these components and strive to apply the discipline and self-confidence learned in the classroom to the sports field and vice versa. Our athletic programs aim to produce lifelong results, strengthening not only the body but also the mind and character. Through practices and games, students learn essential skills such as self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, time management, and sport-specific fundamentals. Our competitive environment also encourages students to strive for excellence.


The Athletic Director reports directly to the President. He or she develops and supervises the athletic personnel, programming, and resources. The Athletic Director is an integral part of the mission of the school, providing Christian mentoring and shepherding to students.


The Heritage athletic department seeks to develop student-athletes who train with excellence, lead with confidence, and compete with character as they use their Godgiven athletic talents for His glory in a highly competitive environment.


• Be the positive, public face of the school’s athletic program consistent with the mission, vision, and distinctives.

• Develop, organize, supervise, and evaluate a developmentally appropriate program of interscholastic athletics for the entire school.

• Ensure that all coaching positions are filled with competent and properly trained coaches.

• Regularly meet with coaches to discuss job performance, player/parent issues, etc.; provide support and accountability to stated goals and expectations.

• Establish clear and concise rules for athlete, coach, and parent conduct at events.

• Establish positive culture and a clear feedback system.

• Collaborate with the Administration to recruit, evaluate, and hire faculty to the athletic department.

• Annually review and revise the athletic handbook, in collaboration with the senior leadership.

• Prepare and manage an annual departmental budget.

• In collaboration with the school nursing staff and the Director of operations, develop and maintain an emergency action plan for all sites where Heritage holds practices and contests.

• Oversee the scheduling of athletic events, arrange for transportation, hire all game officials, and attend or enlist a school representative to attend all home games.

• Maintain close communication with the Administration with respect to the school calendar, particularly with early dismissals and special events.

• Represent the school at various state, regional, and national athletic associations, including the leagues in which Heritage teams participate.


• Report athletic achievements to the advancement office for dissemination to the school and community.

• Maintain records of team and individual athletic accomplishments for posterity.

• Oversee the ordering, distribution, collection, storage, and cleaning of athletic uniforms.

• Participate in committee, department, and staff meetings as well as school sponsored events where appropriate and helpful.

• Be involved in the school community at large, maintaining high visibility and availability.

• Ensure equipment and facilities are functioning properly and set up for home athletic contests.

• Procure off-site facilities for practices and contests as needed (e.g., soccer fields, basketball and volleyball courts).

• Ensure a plan exists for an athletic trainer to be present for all home contests.


• Commitment to the Heritage vision, mission, and core beliefs

• Mature Christian commitment, identity, and practice

• Demonstrated love for students and ability to relate

• Ability to organize, motivate, coach, and problem-solve

• Strong communication skills

• Articulate and well-spoken

• High emotional/social intelligence, connects easily with parents, staff, and students

• Organizational skills – ability to stay on top of projects, systems, and tasks

• Basic understanding of the sports sponsored by Heritage

• Knowledge of the college recruitment process


• be a born-again Christian, committed to the Lord, exhibiting a close and dynamic daily walk with Jesus Christ.

• be in agreement with and able to support the school’s Statement of Faith.

• be a student of God’s Word and be able to apply Biblical truth in speaking and counseling situations.

• put the oneness of the Body of Christ above membership in a particular
denomination or church.

• understand the distinctives of Christian education and Heritage Preparatory School and be committed to those distinctives.

• be able to communicate effectively with staff, students, faculty, and parents.

• have a teachable spirit and be able to take criticism with a willingness to learn and grow.

• be well organized.

• have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

• have excellent computer skills.

• maintain confidentiality in all school matters.

• be able to follow through on communications and decisions.

• have professional experience and qualifications that match the needs and responsibilities of the position.

• have the ability to present a positive image of the school to others and to the community.

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