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Lower School Latin Teacher (Class 3 - Class 6)

Heritage Preparatory School

Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Position Description

For the past two decades, Heritage Prep has provided a rigorous academic educational experience designed to help students think with excellence, believe with confidence, and live with character. With the launch of Heritage Prep High School in August 2021, we now have the honor and privilege to finish what we start and equip our students to meet the demands of a world that is constantly changing. We believe the purpose of education is not the transfer of information but rather the…
● preparation of a mind to listen carefully, reason wisely, think precisely, and articulate persuasively.
● nurturing of a heart to love the Lord their God, to serve His kingdom, and to engage culture faithfully.
● development of a soul to live and think with truth, wisdom, and excellence.
We are prepared to put forth the effort necessary and are fully committed to make that vision a reality and are looking for co-laborers to join us on this journey.

Heritage faculty members are not only engaging intellectuals, but they are also grounded in Scripture, have a vibrant walk with the Lord, and see themselves as both spiritual shepherds and teachers of their subject matter. They will join a team of like-minded, passionate team members who desire to build and create a unique high school experience.

Beginning with the end in mind, we endeavor to develop students who:
• Love the Lord their God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength.
• Demonstrate mature Christian character and virtue.
• Possess the ability to live and think with truth, wisdom, and excellence.
• Are equipped to listen carefully, reason wisely, think precisely, and articulate persuasively.
• Develop a passion for lifelong learning.
• Serve the Kingdom of God and engage culture faithfully.

Job Description
Title: Lower School Latin Teacher (Class 3-Class 6)
Reports to: Headmaster
Status: Full time
Education: Minimum of bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject (preference for applicant to have a B.A. in Classics or a related field with significant coursework in Latin)
Experience: Classroom experience preferred

The duties and responsibilities of the lower school Latin teacher are as follows:
• Faculty member should be able to deliver instruction and prepare activities that facilitate active learning experiences and foster enthusiasm for Latin and the Roman world
• Faculty member will be expected to collaborate with the Upper School Latin teacher to create a cohesive Latin curriculum for Heritage Preparatory School
• Classes 3-6: Class 3 focuses on the foundations of Latin and developing familiarity with key grammatical concepts and terms; Class 4 builds technical understanding of grammar using the Oxford Latin Course Book I; Class 5 develops keen grammatical awareness as well as the ability to read passages using the Oxford Latin Course Book I; Class 6 practices reading comprehension skills while learning complex grammar using the Oxford Latin Course Book II
• The position is a balance between engaging activities, building meaningful relationships with students, and providing rigorous coursework


Personal and Professional Profile:
The ideal candidate will:
● be a born-again Christian, committed to the Lord, exhibiting a close and dynamic daily walk with Jesus Christ.
● be in agreement with and able to support the school’s Statement of Faith.
● be a student of God’s Word and be able to apply Biblical truth in speaking and counseling situations.
● put the oneness of the Body of Christ above membership in a particular denomination or church.
● understand the distinctives of Christian education and Heritage Preparatory School and be committed to those distinctives.
● be able to communicate effectively with staff, students, faculty, and parents.
● have a teachable spirit and be able to take criticism with a willingness to learn and grow.
● be well organized.
● have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
● have excellent computer skills.
● maintain confidentiality in all school matters.
● be able to follow through on communications and decisions.
● have professional experience and qualifications that match the needs and responsibilities of the position.
● have the ability to present a positive image of the school to others and to the community.

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