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Lower School Latin Teacher

Heritage Preparatory School

1700 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Position Description


Title: Lower School Latin Teacher (Grade 3-Grade 6) and Language Lab for transfer students

Reports to: Erin Hames, Headmaster

Status: Full-time

Education: Minimum of bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject (preference for applicants to have a B.A. in Classics or a related field with significant coursework in Latin)

Experience: Classroom experience preferred

The duties and responsibilities of the lower school Latin teacher are as follows:

• Faculty member should be able to deliver instruction and prepare activities that facilitate active learning experiences and foster enthusiasm for Latin and the Roman world

• Faculty member will be expected to collaborate with the Upper School Latin teacher to create a cohesive Latin curriculum for Heritage Preparatory School

• Grades 3-6: Grade 3 focuses on the foundations of Latin and developing familiarity with key grammatical concepts and terms; Grade 4 builds technical understanding of grammar using the Oxford Latin Course Book I; Grade 5 develops keen grammatical awareness as well as the ability to read passages using the Oxford Latin Course Book I; Grade 6 practices reading comprehension skills while learning complex grammar using the Oxford Latin Course Book II

• The position is a balance between engaging activities, building meaningful relationships with students, and providing rigorous coursework

The Language Lab allows students who have transferred to Heritage to take Latin I and Latin II. This entails a combination of students working independently and receiving instruction from the Latin faculty member.


The ideal candidate will be:

• be a born-again Christian, committed to the Lord, exhibiting a close and dynamic daily walk with Jesus Christ.

• be in agreement with and able to support the school’s Statement of Faith.

• be a student of God’s Word and be able to apply Biblical truth in speaking and counseling situations.

• put the oneness of the Body of Christ above membership in a particular denomination or church.

• understand the distinctives of Christian education and Heritage Preparatory School and be committed to those distinctives.

• be able to communicate effectively with staff, students, faculty, and parents.

• have a teachable spirit and be able to take criticism with a willingness to learn and grow.

• be well organized.

• have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

• have excellent computer skills.

• maintain confidentiality in all school matters.

• be able to follow through on communications and decisions.

• have professional experience and qualifications that match the needs and responsibilities of the position.

• have the ability to present a positive image of the school to others and to the community.

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