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Student Support Director


Whites Creek, Tennessee 37189

Position Description

A successful SSD will oversee the Student Support Team and teachers as they identify best practices on how to deliver accommodations. They must use research-based methods that focus specifically on student needs and progress. This role will lead meetings with teachers, administration, and families to discuss student placement and progress. This position serves on the Admissions team, Executive Team, and must meet regularly with the Headmaster and Academic Dean, as well as attend K-12 faculty meetings, and join scheduled professional development days. It is imperative that this position attend parent/teacher conferences at the request of grade-level teacher as well as evaluation meetings with organizations outside of JECA at the request of parents. They must advocate for students and help educate teachers at JECA regarding dyslexia, ADHD, language disorders, executive functioning, autism, anxiety/depression, and other learning differences that may arise. This position must hold teachers accountable to delivering accommodations described in SSPs. They will monitor FACTS gradebooks of students with SSPs and those on the radar and receive and interpret diagnostic evaluations (e.g., psycho-educational evaluation via WIAT, WISC, etc.) They will expand our referral network and establish partnerships with local school district administrators to secure funding and services.

The ideal candidate to help with the solid foundation of our Student Support Services will be a continuous learner who embraces the ethos of the Classical, Christian model of education. Employees are expected to exhibit consistently love, joy, peace, and spiritual maturity before students and the rest of the school. They are expected to model the virtue of a classical student by exhibiting a love for learning and reading.  They should foster a collegial spirit and collaboration with other employees to maximize interdependence, strength, and cohesive partnership under the authority of the mission of the school is critically important.

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