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Kindergarten Teacher

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North Star Classical Christian School

Grayslake, Illinois 60030

Position Description

North Star Classical Christian School

Kindergarten Teacher

Faculty Interest Form
North Star Classical Christian School exists to provide a classical Christian learning environment where:

God is acknowledged as both the source and purpose of all knowledge.
The purpose of education is seen not just as college or career training and preparation, but as soul and virtue formation.  Students are equipped to identify what is good, true, and beautiful, and encouraged to seek after goodness, truth, and beauty.
Children are broadly equipped with the tools of learning and intellectual virtues in order to observe and listen with discernment, think critically and logically, reason persuasively and precisely, and clearly articulate goodness and truth compassionately and humbly for the glory of God and the good of their neighbor. They will be prepared and encouraged to live purposefully with a genuine love of learning.
Parents are seen as having the primary responsibility for their children’s education and are expected to participate with and support the school in providing their children with a distinctly classical, collaborative, academically excellent education.


Purpose of Position:


The Teacher fulfills the mission of North Star Classical Christian School by fostering a positive and engaging culture by primarily focusing on the academic program at the classroom level. This position collaborates with the Academic Dean, Education Council, and other faculty to provide a cohesive program and support that enables students to flourish.


Position:Full-Time or Part-Time; 9-month position; salaried, at-will employee

Reports To: Academic Dean


Direct Reports: none




BA/BS required.


Experience in Christian education preferred.


Agreement with the North Star Classical Christian School Statements


Active member/regular attendee of a Bible believing church and committed to growth in his/her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Professional Profile:


Demonstrates commitment to the mission of North Star Classical Christian School
A teacher and learner at heart who loves students of all ages and exudes enthusiasm for shepherding their growth
Characterized by integrity and maintains confidentiality
Demonstrates consistent spiritual leadership, applying grace and truth when working with staff and students
Proven ability to work with faculty, students, administrators, and parents
Demonstrates excellence in written and verbal communication
Utilizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Ability to effectively carry out professional duties while also being able to foster deep, meaningful relationships with students and staff.


Leadership and Responsibility Areas:



Classroom Leadership

Student and Family Communication


School Culture




Complete Principles of Classical Pedagogy training through ClassicalU throughout the year.
Implement Principles of Classical Pedagogy, three strands of the Trivium, promote instruction for Intellectual Virtues, and provide documentation through the  bi-weekly (every other week) Instruction Inventory  form to the Academic Dean.
Consider various learning styles and individual learners while planning instruction.
Implement the annual academic calendar, mapping out and adding course-specific content by the start of the school year, as directed by the Academic Dean.
Follow examination procedures and grading procedures and standards  for students.
Make an effort to understand, appreciate, love, and serve the students.
Provide instruction that fosters spiritual, physical and mental maturity and promotes routine, without redundancy.
Biblically-integrated connections will be the foundation of all instruction.



Meet with other teachers as directed for alignment within and across fields of study.
Participate in up to one hour per week of faculty meetings.   Faculty meetings will be Wednesdays from 12:10-12:45.
Teachers will discuss investments and manage investment loads through Google Sheets to prevent an overload of investments on students.
Participate in faculty training dates (August 23 – 25;  January 3,4)
To promote a culture of collaboration, the faculty member will be observed quarterly by the Academic Dean
Teachers should observe at least one other classroom quarterly, and meet to discuss.


Classroom Leadership

Follow the Handbook in discipline procedures, behavior, class attitude, uniforms, preparation, and responding to authority figures.
Exercise supervision and care over school facilities, supplies, curriculum, and equipment.
Maintain an instructional  atmosphere that is conducive to learning and biblical principles, consistently holding students to North Star standards and expectations as outlined by Academic Dean.
Maintain professionalism through attire, and demeanor.
Investments (i.e. -Homework)  will take into account the mission and vision of North Star Classical Christian School.
The faculty member will maintain a clean and orderly classroom.


Student and Family Communication

Parents will receive communication upon successes and failures of students. Teachers should plan on a quick “touch base” phone call home with each family once a quarter.
Be present and participate  in the following dates: Parent-Teacher Conferences (November 2, 2023 and March 14, 2024); Academic Showcases (November 16, 2023 and May 22, 2024 – evening);



Maintain timely and accurate grading that reflects the work and effort invested by the student. For objective areas of study, grades should be based on a rubric that is consistent and reflects high academic standards.
Grading of homework and examinations will be completed and entered in FACTS within 48 hours of submission (exception: papers).
There should be consistent and regular (weekly) feedback in the form of graded assignments for purposes of accountability and communication with parents.
The faculty member should read and keep up with information dispersed via email from school administration and co-workers.
Submit “emergency” lesson plans.
Arrange for substitute in case of absences and communicate absence and coverage with the Academic Dean


School Culture

Foster a student culture that fulfills North Star Classical Christian School’s mission and helps students live out the school’s core values – learning for intellectual virtues
Navigate doctrinal differences through careful discussion, training students to listen carefully, process thoughtfully and critically, and respond respectfully.  Inform the Academic Dean  and parents, should such a conversation cause conflict.
Live at peace and resolve disputes using Biblical injunctions.  Keep a short account, and speak directly to the other individual, should a conflict or misunderstanding arise. (1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Matthew 5:23-24, and Matthew 18: 15-20).
The faculty member should be punctual and present during “culture shaping” portions of the day – especially Formation, the opening, and special speakers.


All other duties as directed by school leadership



Job Type: Full-time / Part-Time


Pay: $28/hour

Benefits: none

Other Requirements:

Ability to commute/relocate:

Grayslake, IL 60030: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)

Education: Bachelor’s (Required)
Experience: Teaching or Classroom 1 year

Location: In person

Onsite location:

Grayslake, Illinois, United States

Schedule: Monday-Thursday

Employment duration


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