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Primary School Teacher (K-2, 3 days per week)

  • Teacher
  • Midwest

Northstar Classical School

700 Marshall Avenue S, Middletown, Ohio 45044

Position Description

At Northstar, teachers follow detailed Standards of Excellence. These include a series of expectations around Classroom Leadership, Classroom Environment, Teaching Effectiveness, Parent and Student Relationships and Virtuous Character. These are building blocks by which we pursue mastery of our own skills and development of our own character as teachers charged not only with educating but discipling.

– Create meaningful, daily lesson plans, closely following the Memoria Press classical curriculum
– Maintain an organized, orderly, and peaceful classroom
– Joyfully engage students in age-appropriate instruction through a variety of activities, guided by traditional, teacher-led pedagogy
– Disciple students in the Christian faith through daily liturgies of prayer, song and Scripture reading, as well as guiding students as teachable moments arise
– Set measurable objectives for students to move towards mastery
– Assess students formally and informally, and reflect results in twice a year progress reports
– Teach and encourage students to uphold the Northstar Code of Conduct regarding school behavior and the development of virtuous character
– Provide a weekly newsletter and relevant resources for parents to support at-home study, as well as frequent communication that is truthful, gracious, and professional
– Primary School teachers teach Tuesday – Thursday; Grammar School teachers teach Tuesday – Friday
– Expect to work at least 8 hours per day on school days, plus additional prep time hours on non-school days
– Summer training (up to ten days), staff development and meetings (monthly, during or after school) and school events (Parent Orientation, Meet the Teacher, school performances,  and other events by request)
– Parent Conferences (twice a year) and consistent parent communication
– Yearly, complete a self-evaluation, reflecting on your progress on our Standards of Excellence

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