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Urgent Need: K-6 Classroom Teacher

Riverwood Classical School

Urgent Need for K-6 Classroom Teacher

501 Rice Valley Rd. N, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35406

Position Description


  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited college or university
  • A vital and growing relationship with Jesus Christ


1. daily, full-day teaching at Riverwood Classical School,

a. which will consist of you being present to receive students at least 30 minutes prior to the published start time of each school day and remaining until all students have been picked up from school by someone authorized by the parent or guardian to do so, or your being dismissed for the day by the school’s administrator (the Headmaster or his designee),

b. including responsibility for teaching and supervising various classes of students throughout the school day and for teaching and supervising any additional “pull out” subjects, as assigned to you by the school’s Headmaster or board,

c. including being responsible for preparing and maintaining, in a place readily accessible to all administrators and other teachers, lesson plans and grade sheets, on which are recorded the grades of all students for all assignments and tests given in each class, and

d. including apprising the Headmaster as soon as possible if you will be absent so that a substitute may be arranged or yourself arranging for a substitute approved by the Headmaster.

2. attendance at faculty and staff meetings, individual conferences with the Headmaster or other teachers or administrators, school concerts, parent conferences, and other events held outside of the published school day.

3. participation in training offered by Riverwood Classical, both during the school year and summer.

4. compliance with the current Parent-Student Handbook, as it applies to you as a teacher, and with the current Staff Handbook, all of which rights and duties described by the named handbooks are incorporated herein.

5. maintaining certification with the American Association of Christian Schools, our accrediting body.

6. maintaining background clearance with the State of Alabama’s Department of Education.

7. enrolling all of your children in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade in the school, unless the school is not equipped to serve that child due to special circumstance or need, as determined by agreement between you and the Board.

8. regular prayer and conduct which promotes the welfare, peace, and purity of RCS.

Salary: $20,000 annually

Interested applicants should send a résumé and cover letter to J. Addison Canevaro, Headmaster, at [email protected]

To apply for this job email your details to