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Choir and Music Assistant

The Covenant School

7300 Valley View Lane, Dallas, Texas 75240

Position Description

Choir and Music Assistant (Part Time) at the Covenant School

The Covenant School seeks a Choir & Music Assistant (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric) for the 2022-2023 academic year.  An ideal candidate will have a bachelor degree in music, teaching experience, a special love for middle and high school students, and the winsomeness and creativity to teach them. Moreover, all Covenant teachers serve as pastors (shepherds) of our students, advising them in their walk with Jesus Christ.

This position is for a part-time (20 hours per week), ten-month employee (exempt). This position will report to the Director of Fine Arts.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Music or Music Education
  • Experience in teaching voice
  • Proficient as a pianist to accompany choirs
  • Experience or interest in classical education and traditional pedagogy.

Duties and Responsibilities

Character: Exhibit the fruits of the Spirit, serving as a Christian role model both in and out of school.  Set a good example for students, parents, and colleagues in speech, actions, attitude, judgment, dignity, and respect, while living in obedience to God’s Word. Seek to conform to Covenant’s Faculty Profile (below).


  • Able to lead 7th and 8th grade choir classes by playing piano for a large group and directing sectionals for small groups.
  • Assist with warm-ups as needed in the Grammar school by critically listening for diction and intonation; running sectionals, assisting, and some conducting of the 5th grade choir
  • Assist choir director with scheduling rehearsals, communication, ordering, and budget tracking; logging, copying, filing, test, and record keeping for the 5th through 12th grade choral classes
  • Need to be able to sight read,  improvise chord charts, and read open score along with being able to lead sectionals and classes as needed
  • Able to chaperone trips and organize parent chaperone groups
  • Provide an orderly teaching environment, consistently enforcing class rules and school policies and showing good stewardship of classroom materials.
  • Maintain regular and accurate attendance and grade records.
  • Communicate in a wise and effective manner with supervisors, colleagues, students, and parents.

To apply, visit

Careers | The Covenant School (

Submit application, cover letter, resume, recording of piano playing, and  personal testimony of Christian faith.


Faculty Profile

The Covenant School seeks to recruit and retain teachers who consistently exhibit the following habits and characteristics.

Lifetime Learner- Manifests a growing intellectual curiosity, honesty, passion, and courage to discover truth, goodness, and beauty across all disciplines. Through continuing educational opportunities, seeks a deepening mastery of his or her own domain while broadening exposure to new areas of knowledge and culture.

Classical Educator – Exemplifies a proven competency in area(s) of expertise with a winsome ability to instill a growing understanding and a love of learning among students. Creates a safe and orderly classroom atmosphere for students to learn and live within a context of clear, supportive and predictable expectations. Eager and able to educate students across a diversity of aptitudes and interests. Seeks to learn, apply, and embody the best of classical thought and practice, including Charlotte Mason’s principles of education.

Committed Colleague- Views role in the context of overlapping, integrated and equally important collegial relationships among all employees. Seeks to promote and contribute positively to a supportive, professional, mission-focused “sense of community” with all constituent groups.

Effective Communicator- Engages students, parents and colleagues with responsive, proactive and collaborative communication. Committed to honest, clear, self-controlled, and gracious engagement and to the biblical directive of conflict resolution, always committed to truth in love (e.g., Matt. 18).

Committed Christian- Confesses the saving work of God’s grace through modeling godly wisdom, exemplifying Christian virtues, and demonstrating a growing pursuit of Christ. Pursues an intimate relationship with Christ, evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit in speech, countenance, and behavior.

Thoughtful Christian- Displays a seasoned capacity to know Scripture, to love God with one’s mind, and to articulate the moral/doctrinal implications of a biblical worldview. Committed to engaging culture and all of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, believing that pursuing the true, the good, and the beautiful is the pursuit of God.

Church-Going Christian- Demonstrates a consistent commitment to the God-ordained ministry (e.g., Word, sacrament, authority, accountability) of a local church in the historic Christian tradition. Does not allow the School to become a substitute for and/or excuse from a growing relationship to a distinct worshiping community.

Relationally Intelligent- Respectful of all humans as image-bearers of God, engages students, parents and colleagues with emotional maturity, self-restraint, humility, and a sense of humor. Connects with all constituent groups in an appropriately humble, humane and approachable manner, always seeking to listen before being heard.

Servant-Leader- Honors God and others through humility, sacrifice and service as ordained instruments for the instruction of His children and the building up of Christ’s Body. Assumes the best and acknowledges the good of every student, parent and colleague.

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