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Grammar School Teacher

The Oaks Classical Christian Academy

Christ-centered. Classical. Collaborative.

623 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart, Florida 34996

Position Description

The Oaks Classical Christian Academy, a young, but thriving University-Model school in Martin County, FL, is seeking qualified applicants for part-time teaching positions for the 2022-2023 school year. Teachers will instruct one grade level or two combined grade levels two days a week in person and will create lesson plans for parents to follow from home the other 3 days/week.

A bachelor’s degree or 3 years teaching, tutoring, or administrative experience is required. Current teaching certificate is not required, but candidate should have enthusiasm for and basic understanding of classical, Christian education and have experience working in or evaluating a classroom setting.

Candidate must attend church services regularly in an evangelical, Christian church that could support The Oaks Statement of Faith. Candidate should have a strong knowledge of scripture and the Biblical worldview, be a born-again Christian, and show a genuine love for the Lord.

The Oaks uses a collaborative, blended model so teachers are only on campus two days per week, but are also expected to attend up to 5 days of in-service training and/or orientation (most during the summer prior to the school year) and to complete one assigned course on Attendance at Meet-the-Teacher Night is expected. Teacher should also be available one to two more hours per week (from home) to answer potential parent questions regarding lesson plans or curriculum.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to our Head of School Katie Crews at [email protected] for initial consideration.


1. Spiritual Leadership – The teacher is expected to consistently exhibit love, joy, peace, and spiritual maturity before his students and the rest of the school. The teacher is expected to be a student and lover of the Bible, God’s only written Word and to incorporate it into class discussions. Active participation in any staff prayer meetings and school assemblies is expected.

2. Classroom Management/Environment – The teacher is expected to maintain a neat, organized, clean, and stimulating classroom environment for his students. This implies that the students will take an active part in cleaning and maintaining their room’s appearance. The teacher should set up simple, manageable class routines to accomplish basic tasks, e.g. taking attendance, homework collection, daily cleaning schedules, materials storage and distribution, etc.

3. Lesson Preparation and Presentation – The teacher should have a thorough knowledge of and interest in the subjects he is assigned to teach. These will normally include: Bible, reading, mathematics, science, grammar, composition, spelling, handwriting, history and/or geography. Also, in most grammar grades a working knowledge and interest in Latin, art, and music. All subjects should be taught utilizing the objectives, materials, priorities, and methods prescribed by our academic dean as well as the curriculum. The teacher is expected to encourage the students to see how all subjects are interrelated, as parts of God’s integrated universe.

4. Classroom Decorum and Discipline – The teacher should be very familiar with and able to apply the spirit, as well as the letter, of the school rules. A joyful, but orderly (not necessarily silent) working atmosphere is to be the norm. Students should be aware of the class and school rules and verses and be encouraged to exercise self-discipline. The teacher is expected to diffuse and deal with the vast majority of corrective discipline situations within his classroom.

5. Student Learning – The teacher should seek to stimulate and maintain the students’ interest in the material. Recognition and reasonable compensation for individual needs is also necessary. A variety of techniques should be used to teach and to measure the students’ progress, including: a) Comprehension checks b) Rephrasing of concepts by students c) Inductive questioning (Questions designed to help the student move toward the correct conclusions) d) Recitations, chants, songs, acronyms, summaries and reviews e) Illustrations, experiments, hands-on application, teacher or student demonstrations

6. Planning and Communications – The teacher’s weekly and quarterly plans should reflect creativity and a good use of class time. Copies of the weekly assignment sheets are to be completed and posted on Google Classroom for parents by Tuesday morning. A working knowledge of communications technology is helpful to facilitate smooth parent-teacher communication. In addition to weekly assignment sheets posted for families, the teacher is expected to have twice yearly “check ins” (15 min.) to communicate to parents so they are well aware of their student’s strengths and areas for growth (both academically and behaviorally).

Emphasis should be placed on getting to know the families well, as well as letting them know what is happening in the class and ensuring they understand what is expected on the “satellite campus” days.

7. Professionalism – The teacher is to consistently and joyfully demonstrate pride in The Oaks by his/her work, punctuality, speech, attitude, dress, and attention to duties.

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