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Licensed School Counselor

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Toledo Christian Schools

2303 Brookford Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43614

Position Description

• Provides short-term individual, group counseling, and classroom instruction to promote academic achievement,
career development, and social/personal development for every student.
• Provides referral to outside counselors, agencies, and treatment centers when a student or family needs long-term
• Understands the role of the licensed school counselor in a school crisis and is on the school crisis committee.
• Identifies behavioral problems and acts appropriately to remedy the situation.
• Keeps confidentiality unless a student is going to hurt themselves or others, then takes appropriate action.
• Helps students process emotions, thoughts, and stresses in their lives.
• Pays attention to societal and cultural differences in all student matters.
• Promotes anti-bullying at TC and provides a positive school climate.
• Helps students with transitions.
• Assists students in developing healthy relationships with peers and adults.
• Collaborates with teachers, administrators, parents, and stakeholders for the best interest of students.
• Completes evaluations, analyzes results, and provides purposeful feedback.
• Strives to stay current with professional development, new practices, and grow in knowledge of counseling skills.
• Implements and facilitates educational training workshops for academic staff.
• Practices ethical principles in accordance with ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

• Master’s degree in counseling.
• Licensed/Certified as a School Counselor or Licensed Professional Counselor.
• Two years of work experience as a counselor in an academic environment.
• Exhibits leadership skills and makes accurate assessments of student ability.
• Exhibits knowledge of academic standards and testing competencies.
• Possesses strong communication, organization, and interpersonal skills.
• Uses technology effectively to plan, implement, and organize the school counseling program.
• Demonstrates a mature and godly Christian worldview and lifestyle.
• Evidence of being born-again through the redemptive grace of Jesus Christ and agrees with the school’s mission,
Statement of Faith, and Standards of Conduct

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