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Lead Grammar School Teacher

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Wing Classical Academy

A Rigorous Classical Education Encased in Christian Values


Position Description

Wing Classical Academy is seeking an experienced, dedicated, and passionate person to lead our K-6 educational team.
As a member of the WCA teaching staff first and foremost, this role involves teaching elementary-level subjects according to the Hillsdale K-12 curriculum and the Rafiki Foundation Christian curriculum. The
Lead Teacher will fulfill all responsibilities designated to WCA Classroom Teachers, including: responsibility for their own classroom instruction and management; student assessment and feedback; collaboration and
communication with fellow teachers, other school staff, and parents; professional development; and community involvement.
In addition, the Lead Teacher at WCA will be responsible for providing exemplary instructional leadership to a team of teachers, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education to elementary school students. This aspect of the role of Lead Teacher involves accountability for leadership and vision, staff management and development, curriculum management and instructional leadership, student spiritual development, and staff professional development.
The Lead Teacher will collaborate with fellow teachers and parents to promote student success and a culture of continuous improvement, creating a nurturing and intellectually stimulating classroom environment that incorporates the Socratic method of teaching while promoting a Christian Worldview. As Lead Teacher at Wing
Classical Academy, you will play a critical role in shaping the academic and character development of our
Educational Leadership
• Assist in the recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and development of teaching and administrative staff.
• Continue to grow in personal and professional knowledge through reading, workshops, and other
professional development opportunities.
• Collaborate with colleagues and other school leadership to address the individual needs of students as
• Participate in school events, church activities, and community outreach programs that support the
mission and values of the school.
• Demonstrate professionalism and pride in Wing Classical Academy through work ethic, punctuality,
speech, attitude, dress, and attention to duties.
Christian Leadership
• Promote a warm Christ-centered atmosphere within Wing Classical Academy.
• Lead morning ceremonies and lead or coordinate weekly chapel.
• Continue to cultivate a personal relationship with God and encourage other members of staff in the
• Promote moral and ethical character development, encouraging students to grow in their faith and
demonstrate Christian virtues.
• Describe Wing’s mission, vision, and philosophy in an engaging, enthusiastic manner.
• Present concise and clear feedback to students and parents on academic and character development.
• Establish communications with parents as a group (newsletter), and cultivate individual relationships
in order to best meet the needs of students.
• Participate in conferences and other relationship-building events and activities.
• Foster a positive and collaborative work environment among school personnel.
Classroom Management
• Maintain a neat, organized, clean, and stimulating classroom environment.
• Set up simple, manageable class routines to accomplish basic tasks, e.g., taking attendance,
homework collection, daily cleaning schedules, materials storage and distribution, etc.
• Establish and enforce clear classroom rules and expectations that reflect Christian values.
• Manage student behavior in a positive and respectful manner, fostering a harmonious and productive
learning environment.
Lesson Preparation
• Have a thorough knowledge of and interest in the subjects assigned to teach.
• Encourage students to see how all subjects are interrelated, as parts of God’s integrated universe.
• Use clear language and appropriate vocabulary.
• Deliver engaging, age-appropriate lessons via the Hillsdale K-12 and Rafiki Bible Study curricula
utilizing the Socratic Method and incorporating a Christian Worldview.
• Utilize a variety of teaching methods and resources to accommodate diverse learning styles and
varying abilities.
• Conduct regular assessments to gauge student understanding and progress.
The Lead Grammar Teacher:
• Loves teaching children
• Is a content-master, with a demonstrated commitment to continued learning
• Has experience with Classical Christian curriculum and pedagogy.
• Is able to mentor and coach others.
• Has a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.
• Has patience, empathy, and the ability to inspire and motivate fellow teachers and young learners.
The Lead Grammar Teacher:
• Publicly professes their belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and lives a life that reflects maturity
and intimacy with God.
• Is a servant-leader whose conduct exemplifies Biblical principles.
• Has genuine excitement and passion about Christian leadership.
Personal and General
The Lead Grammar Teacher:
• Is an excellent communicator, both verbally and as a writer.
• Has enthusiasm for and appreciation of the school’s mission.
• Has strong interpersonal skills.
• Is able to solve problems, celebrate successes, and learn from failures.
• Has a professional demeanor with an ability to develop partnerships with parents, staff, and the
This position is a full-time position that works 10 months a year.
The Lead will be evaluated annually by the Head of School or the Board of Governors. A new Lead will have a
60 day evaluation by the Board during the first semester of his tenure.

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