Prepared for Life

If you visit any of our schools, particularly the ones with high schools, you’ll notice a difference.

“One thing that still surprises me are the juniors and seniors I meet when I visit schools.  School to school, state to state, wherever I go, the students stand out.  I can have a conversation with them about important things, deeper things right in the school cafeteria.  They’re confident, and polite.  They cheerfully greet me in the hallways.  They think.  They’re the kind of kids I want my own children to become.”David Goodwin, President of ACCS


Whether it’s the college readiness index, Verbal, Math, or Writing SAT performance, or ACT scores, students at ACCS member schools score above all other types of schools— public, religious, and even independent.  Independent schools are typically college preparatory schools that charge an average of $20,000 per year.*  Our schools outperform all of these categories, charging much lower tuition— averaging under $8000 per year.

While you might expect our students to excel in verbal and reading scores, our schools were also the top performing in math.  And, our schools place students in nearly every selective college in the country.

* Source CAPE Average private school tuition: Table 205.50 Digest of Educational Statistics, NAES.

Beyond College

The Good Soil Report is a 2018-2019 comparative study of 24-to 42-year-old alumni from public, secular private, Catholic, evangelical Christian, religious homeschool, and ACCS schools on the topics of life choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices.

When compared to their peers in other schools, ACCS Alumni stand out in their life choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices.


Here are just a few of the results from The Good Soil Report:

ACCS Alumni Statistics

Received a BA or higher in college

vs. 45% of homeschool alumni

Felt well prepared for a job

vs. 50% of Christian school alumni

Earned all or mostly all As in college

vs. 32% of Christian school alumni

Read the Bible regularly

vs. about 55% of Christian and homeschool alumni

Attend church 3x per month

vs. 65% of Christian school and homeschool alumni

Compared to their peers, ACCS Alumni are…


more likely to pray alone


more likely to donate to their church


more likely to read

According to ACCS Alumni…

“I have so much in life to be thankful for.”
“I felt well prepared for college by my high school.”

vs. 55% of prep school alumni

vs. about 60% of homeschool and Christian school alumni

Read the report to learn more.