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Eastwood Christian School (AL)

Contact Information

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (334) 272-8195

Address: 1701 E. Trinity Blvd., Montgomery, AL

About Our School Program

Our educational philosophy is committed to discipling young people through academics so as to foster a love of learning and a passion for Jesus Christ. Eastwood Christian School offers a classical, college preparatory program. The educational emphasis is based on the classical Trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The Trivium shapes the educational methods to reflect the learning ability of a developing young person. Grammar emphasizes the foundation blocks of every subject. Logic focuses on critical thinking skills. Rhetoric nurtures the ability to express oneself in dialogue, on paper, and through public speaking. In tandem with the teaching methods, Eastwood’s curriculum reflects the classic authors, texts, ideas, and skills with which all educated young people should be familiar. Lastly, Eastwood disciples young people to think and live within a Christian worldview. To be able to take all thoughts captive to obedience to Christ Jesus is a skill which can and should be taught. It does require a gifted team of faculty. Eastwood presently has 31 staff who have the minds of professors but the hearts and skills of parents and pastors.

About Our Community & Mission

Our academic community is serious about training young people to follow the Lord Jesus in thought, word, and deed. We are not a community that wants a school to entertain young people with an easy, non-challenging education. We want to be warriors prepared to serve God in any vocation. We encourage and provide several extra-curricular activities: art, music, drama, and athletics (volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, baseball, and tennis).

What We Are Known For In The Community

Eastwood is known as a school that disciples and pastors students in an educational context. We have reclaimed the liberal arts. Our students are continually complimented on their manners, their thoughts, their joy, and their abilities. We are proud of our 20 years and our 200 graduates.

About The Area We Serve

ECS is located in the Heart of Dixie, Montgomery, Alabama. This historic city and the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement sits on the Alabama River which is formed by the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers. Two large lakes (Martin and Jordan) are part of these rivers. They are a favorite source of fishing, boating, and relaxing. In addition, the Gulf Coast beaches are just three hours away. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail consists of 26 courses and 11 locations, all within a short drive of the capital. One of the top five in the nation, The Alabama Shakespeare Festival brings professional theater to the community. There is a cultural diversity to this southern city. The Capitol Legislature, Maxwell Air Force Base and Hyundai Auto Plant form a community which reflects America.

School Information

  • Contact Name
    Victoria Whatley
  • ACCS Accredited
  • Office Phone
    (334) 272-8195
  • Date Accredited
  • Office Email
  • Year Founded
  • Grades Offered
    Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
  • Membership Date
  • Number of students k-6
  • Number of students k-6 Non-Traditional
  • Classroom Format
    5-day Traditional
  • Number of students 7-12
  • Number of students 7-12 Non-Traditional
  • Number of Teachers
  • Student Teacher Ratio
  • International Student Program
  • Tuition Range
  • Headmaster’s name
    Joel Bius
  • Church Affiliation
  • Chairman Name
    Bo Hodges
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